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  1. Swaddy (Swadesh Patra)

    Swaddy (Swadesh Patra) Yureka Black YUser

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    Note that this review is detailed enough so that we can conclude how good our bad is this nougat update !!!
    Experts please don't expect much from me and Noobs for you this might a bit detailed one !!!
    Reviewer: SWADESH PATRA
    Owner of YU Yureka Black (matte black) 2017
    Condition of the device:

    Pure stock YU Ui
    No mods or additional things done to this device
    Updated from stock Android M to stock Android N via OTA
    Note that people whose devices don't satisfy all the above conditions may have varied opinions and experiences regarding this update !!!
    Remember that despite having all the above conditions the experiences of the update may still vary for different devices with different fingerprint model or the chrome Black edition !!!

    Let's start the review here we go.....
    Ui :
    The ui is almost similar to the stock Android M ui that was provided with the Yureka Black From the beginning.
    The my launcher app is a thing to be discussed.
    It's bad for my stock purist taste while my friends owning Yureka Black like it !!!
    It fast and light but offers almost zero customisation regarding icons but some scrolling effects, widgets, wallpapers change can be done the stock wallpapers that come with my launcher is liked by none among my friends but yeah that Black and that blue colour wallpaper looks good.
    Other than this there is everything a stock UI lover would love the settings remains unchanged so does the notification panel.
    The system doesn't consume a huge amount of RAM which is a good thing.
    The keyboard is stock Gboard by default which is a great one !
    Smart gestures and actions are really useful and come in handy since I'm used to those on my previous OnePlus 3 phone !!!
    Gratefully enough all the smart gestures I used on OnePlus are present on this phone.
    My favourite one is the off screen actions and not to forget the greatest of all the fingerprint actions where different apps open for different fingerprint !!!
    Good job YU!!!

    Cameras :
    Hmmm....a really very important part of any modern day smartphone.
    Trust me bring any rs10k phone I can almost bet none except the Micromax Canvas Infinity can beat YU's front camera and the same can be said even after the update but..... With a big but the Auto Flash for front camera is cancerous it lits up like a torch and going to bright areas it goes out so that means it works but seriously YU ??? Auto Flash is AUTO torch ???
    Please for God sake fix this issue what I'm surprised is that even the beauty queens holding the smartphone for selfies thought this to be a feature but this is a bug and a bug must quashed !!!
    Rear camera performance is still good the portrait mode works tolerably good which is good for a smartphone under 10k that too with single lens camera the portrait mode is really effective for selfies although it still looks awful compared to Honor 6x but it's still good since Galaxy S8 with portrait is as disastrous as Yureka Black !!!
    The noise and ISO levels are a bit higher with this camera app.
    The UI is lovable but no slo-mo along with no option to save the images to memory card is a bummer !!!
    Remember camera is still one of the better ones in this price bracket and it easily kicks the @$$ of Moto E4 plus !!!

    Performance :
    Note this simple thing after the update gamers please be happy the minor lags have reduced the app opening times have reduced a tiny bit and RAM management is just awesome for a smartphone this cheap !!!
    Even benchmarks show a bit increase in performance and what's really a good news is that heating has decreased a bit From Android M.
    Those experiencing minor lags please enable developer options and turn on 2d rendering by GPU !!!
    Asphalt 8 works at 27-30fps on high graphics which is a good thing !!!
    Nova 3 works at 25fps on average which is again good for a 1080p screen !!!
    Real racing 3 works at 24-27 fps on average with highest graphics mod !!!
    Subway surfers at 54fps on average !!!
    GTA VC runs on max graphics at 33fps on average !!!

    Sensors and call quality/speakers:
    Each and every sensor works just fine and pedometer sensor has a become a little better and GPS navigation is a bit quicker now !!!
    Call quality is good and Volte works fine too and no problem while talking someone on loudspeaker as well.
    Speakers are still the same around 78dB loudness at max measured via OnePlus 3 using the science journal app.
    Auto brightness sensor is one of the best ones in this price segment.

    The charging time as claimed by many has increased a bit it takes now 2hrs 20mins to charge earlier it took around 2hrs.
    But battery Life is still same and that's good our gets easily past a day with single charge with more than 5-6 hours of screen on time..... That wake bug is a gimmick error since standby time is hardly affected by that !!!

    Screen brightness is still good for outdoors.
    This update is really bad boys the reason it's an uncertified Google software update which means our phones are more vulnerable than before worst part that idiotic system update sends ads !!!
    Are you kidding me YU please fix this ASAP you're going to lose your customers !!!

    I would say just one thing or may be more !!!
    It's slow !!!
    It's still working.
    It's tolerably accurate !!!
    Those complaining about lot of fingerprint misread for them these words
    Wipe off that grime from the fingerprint sensor with cloth !!!
    And never use moisture Laiden hands !!!

    Hoping that you guys enjoyed the review .....adieu !!!
    Here are the samples....

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  2. Saggyspidey99

    Saggyspidey99 YUREKA PLUS Yuser Yureka Black YUser

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    Nice detailed review!!!
  3. Swaddy (Swadesh Patra)

    Swaddy (Swadesh Patra) Yureka Black YUser

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    Thanks man...ahhh like LoL !!!
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  4. Shubham.s.44


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    I updated my device through service center .......
    I didn't face much fp issue but the quality of camera was not as good as MM ........ Also ram management in MM is still good as compared to N!!!
  5. biharisingh146


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    Like you, I remained at pure stock from beginning.
    The only difference is regarding the gaming performance.
    Asphalt 8 runs above 50fps on my device. It may be cuz it's the only game I have currently.
    Else is Excellent..

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  6. Swaddy (Swadesh Patra)

    Swaddy (Swadesh Patra) Yureka Black YUser

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    RAM management is still good because I tried playing Flipkart, Nova 3, Asphalt 8 at once and all these games along with Chrome was also retained in the background!!!
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  7. Swaddy (Swadesh Patra)

    Swaddy (Swadesh Patra) Yureka Black YUser

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    You checked using gamebench ???
    What's the antutu score of your device???
    Please like the post and yeah the poll please have look on that too !!!

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