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Discussion in 'Media Reviews' started by YuGod, Jun 6, 2016.

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    This Micromax subsidiary has come back with a bang with the newest and the best Yu till date. It's aiming to be on the top of the game with the launch of its redefined flagship phone Yunicorn. Yu Televentures, the company which sells YuPhoria,Yunique and Yutopia has come up with a redefined flagship smartphone, the Yunicorn.The handset is not only the first metal-clad device coming from Yu, but also its first to have a fingerprint sensor. YU Yunicorn has a white colour trim up front which looks similar to the iPhone. The back panel is made of alluminium alloy also composed of magnesium and manganese. The handset will be sold at an introductory price of Rs 12,999 and initially available exclusively on Flipkart. Registrations will open for the first sale on Tuesday, June 7th from 2pm. After a month, it will be priced at Rs 13,499. The Yunicorn is not only attractive on the outside, but the inside is also packed with impressive specs to give a hard time to competitors. Read More
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    You said its first phone from YU to have fingerprint sensor, but I think you forget that Yutopia also has fingerprint sensor which was the first phone from YU to have it. Yutopia is far better than Yunicorn.

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    Reasons not to Buy YU Yunicorn

    • Android 5.1 Lollipop based AOS – Android on Steroids : It is a shame a new smartphone in June 2016 is shipping with an older Android version. Android 6 Marshmallow has been out for a while now and even many budget devices are launching with that now.
    • No Cyanogen OS : YU has ended their partnership with Cyanogen Inc, hence all new phones launching from now on will ship with AOS. YU claims to ship this with no bloatwares, however their “Around YU’ application built in itself looks like a bloatware.
    • Mediatek P10 : This is indeed a good processor, however Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 seen on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (OPEN SALE LIVE on Flipkart here ) is performance wise much better this.
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    • YU Have Promised To Give MM Update Next Month
    • That Buggy OS.. :\
    • Agree. But snapdragon Heats Bro... :/

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