Yu Yunicorn quick review: Slick design is the cool factor - India Today

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    For YU, a company that launched its first phone in 2015, these are still early days, the kind of days where it can afford to experiment. One of these experiments was the Yutopia , a powerful device that was also YU's priciest phone. With the Yutopia, YU tried to cash in on the liking that Indian consumers have for fast hardware. But the software issues let the phone down. The overall experience failed to please consumers. So, the lesson from the experiment? Hardware doesn't matter as much as it seems. The overall experience does. This is the key idea behind the Yunicorn, the company's latest phone launched on Tuesday. But just to make it more enticing for consumers, YU has also given the Yunicorn a more polished design -- "people should like it at the first glance" is the idea -- and has priced it aggressively.- (Detail Review)
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    Wow cool!
    YUnicron is a good phone... But what keeps me from buying it is 13MP Camera, I know MP doesn't matter but still I don't what sensors are present.
    And (No offense) I don't want my friends to say that I'm buying a rebranded Meizu m3 note... I'll check out more reviews... :D
    Otherwise cool phone

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