YU Developer Program Season-3 With YUREKA-BLACK

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    Hello everyone!

    It gives us great pleasure to announce the YU Developer Program Season-3 on release of YUREKA BLACK !

    Objective of The YU Developer Program:

    This program aims to identify top developers from all over the world, especially India, who work on android development for Custom Kernels, Custom ROMs, Themes, Apps, Mods, Development Articles, Porting other Operating Systems etc, and support them with a complete set of technical resources and access to pre-release software — providing developers with everything they need to create and innovate for YU devices.

    How to apply for the YU Developer Program ?

    Just Post a reply in this thread with details (including links to profile page/Github/Twitter/etc) of your work/contributions to the development community (be it here or XDA or any other developer community) and how you can contribute to the YU community!

    Users may also guide us about their favourite developer/s and we would love to include them in our program.
    To nominate your favourite developer: Post a reply in this thread with details of the developer you want to see work on the YU device, with links to their profile page/Github/Twitter/etc, and details of how that developer can contribute to the YU community!

    Criterias for selection of developers for YU Developer Program:

    1. Preference will given to Developers who are capable to make own Development [Example : Own Custom Rom/AOSP ROM with unique features, Own Custom Kernel with Optimizations and own written Modules]

    2. Preference to existing Recognized Developers on XDA who have 5000+ thanks (in their Thanks Meter)

    3. Preference will be given to developers who have worked on variety of device models / chip-sets

    4. Developers should be able to build/customize kernel, ROM from sources and have open source kernel / ROM repos on GIT (GitHub / BitBucket / etc.)

    5. Developers having expertise in creating amazing apps for YU [Example Music Player, Video Player etc...]

    6. Developers who have expertise in creating amazing themes,icons,Boot-animation etc...

    Selected Developers on above Criterias will get the YU YUREKA BLACK Along with YU Developer TAG !!!!!!

    Note: YU Developer Program Season-1 & 2 Details & Winners Can be found Here

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    Nice to see...Yu is back:):);)
  3. Somesh Thakur

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    I am Somesh Thakur. I have been with YU since it's launch. I had developed custom kernel for YUREKA/+ (with alot of optimizations) which is currently paused. I also had developed software for all YU devices.

    My few well known work links :

    XEON Kernel

    Mod :

    Deep Sleep

    My Profile links:


    Thank you. :)
  4. Divyansh747

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    Hello @AudioGod and Yu yusers I am divyansh747 member since last two years after joining i started porting roms and I bring first custom ported rom Miui 7 for YU YUPHORIA after that i ported many roms which crossed 1000+ downloads with great yusers reviews.

    I can port qualcomm based roms for any device like OPPO COLOR OS,XIAOMI MIUI,ASUS ZENUI,VIVO FUNTOUCH OS,XPERIA UI,STOCK AOSP ROM,also i have some knowledge about theming ,creating ported custom rom(our great project QUARK OS),smali works,adding stuff from different devices,porting apps etc.also i have some knowledge of compiling rom i have compiled few roms like lineage os 13,aosgp-x for yu yuphoria and ownrom for one plus X ;)

    me @Divyansh747
    @Nitesh Prasad
    #Our work Quark OS

    YU YUPHORIA by me

    • [ROM] || [7.1.2 r_8] || AOSGP-X ||[20 May ][Optimised] || [VoLTE] •





    MIUI v7.1 64bit FOR YU YUPHORIA



    Quark os source:-(github)
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  5. Pranay Narang

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    I'm Pranay Narang I've worked on a variety of custom kernels for more that 3 devices
    Yureka Black- https://github.com/The-DarkBeast/garlic-custom
    Yuphoria- https://github/The-DarkBeast/lettuce-custom
    Oneplus2- https://github.com/The-DarkBeast/oneplus2-custom

    All my work is open source
    I also have my own toolchain based on LinaroTC GCC 6.3.1
    Which can be found at- https://bitbucket.org/The-DarkBeast/aarch64-6.3.1

    After everything I have also contributed to development of a ROM
    https://github.com/FireHound which is currently available for many devices

    I also have scripts which I have entirely written on my own
    They can be found at https://github.com/The-DarkBeast/kernel_buildscripts

    Also a bring-up for coolpad note 3 to nougat including tree and kernel
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  6. Meet Gohil

    Meet Gohil ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ YuBarons YUKnight Keepers YUREKA PLUS Yuser YUPHORIA Yuser YUTOPIA Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    Good Opportunity for developers,
    Users can nominate your favorite developers.

    Humble request to all please do not post: requests for testings, bugs/issues, rants...

  7. darshan1205

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    Hello @AudioGod
    I would like to participate in YU Developer program.
    I've started learning about open source development from about approx 2yrs ago, from the YU Yuphoria device which is my first powerful android phone.
    My contribution to YU Devices & YU Community can be found here.
    I've been working on YU Device mainly YU Yureka Plus & YU Yuphoria[which I've]. My First Project for maintaining a device was for YU Yunique for SOKP rom. Till now I'm working or worked with SOKP, ZephyrOS, Resurrection Remix, AICP, OMNIROM, Team Hyper, etc. I'm also contributor for CyanogenMod or LineageOS from cm-13.0. I've worked on YU Yutopia, YU Yunicorn & YU Yunique but not much in depth. I've small recent contribution on Lenovo A6000. I'm currently working on Xiaomi's msm8937 platform based phones: Xiaomi Redmi 3S, Redmi 4A & Redmi 4[4X].
    I've done a bringup for Redmi 4[4X] which is WIP for now & will be out soon.
    I guess my experience from last 4-5months on msm8937 will surely help YU Yureka Black's development.
    Maybe I don't have enough thanks on XDA as mentioned in OP but I'm on every list mentioned here on YU Official Forums.

    My XDA Profile: https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=6620830
    My Github Profile: https://github.com/darshan1205
    My YU Forums Profile: forums.yuplaygod.com/members/80433/
  8. Gaggu

    Gaggu PawanRockz : XDA Thanks Meter-950+ YUPHORIA Yuser

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    Hello Everyone,
    I guess most Yuphoria owners know me but still.... I am Gaggu, and I would like to participate in YU Developer Program-3. I have variety of devices which includes Yu Yuphoria, Yu Yureka+, Nostalgic Redmi note 4g and Samsung Galaxy E7.

    Till now I have ported various operation systems including MIUI/ VIBE UI/ LEWA OS/ BlackBerry OS/ Sony Xperia Z5 OS/ Flyme OS/ MultiROM Project/ 64 Bit MIUI/ MiMOD OS™ (My own Modded ROM based on MIUI) etc to beloved Yu Yuphoria and couple for Redmi Note 4g too but not much.

    I keep posting MODs which I make for all the devices I own. I also have experience on posting development articles on MIUI Forums/Mi Community. I have also been working on polishing skills for making ROMs from source. Moreover I also have knowledge in Theme Making (Made 2 Themes for MIUI- Check below for further info) , Porting OEM Apps. So I can be an all rounder and make ROMs by Modding/ Porting and Compiling For Garlic:D

    My Works
    MIUI 8 Stable 32 BIT v8.2.1.0 / 64 BIT v8.1.3.0 [VoLTE] :
    (Above 50K Views & More Than 1.5K Downloads Each.)

    MultiROM Optimized Custom Miui For Yuphoria v7.4.13 : http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads...m-miui-for-yuphoria-v7-4-13-14th-april.48478/
    (Above 16K Views & ONLY ROM To Have 1.6 GB Free RAM On Device.)

    [PORT] LENOVO VIBE UI™ v3.0 [VoLTE] For Yuphoria (64 BIT): http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/port-lenovo-vibe-ui™-v3-0-volte-for-yuphoria-64-bit.49148/

    [ROM][PORT] LewaOS™ For Yuphoria [64 BIT]: http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/rom-port-lewaos™-for-yuphoria-64-bit.49168/

    [OFFICIAL] MiMOD OS™ (64 BIT) v1.0 Stable For Yuphoria [Vo/ViLTE] : http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/official-mimod-os™-64-bit-v1-0-stable-for-yuphoria-vo-vilte-20-04-17.48900/
    (Self Modded ROM and More Than 10K Views.)

    [PORT] BlackBerry OS v12.1 For Yuphoria :

    [Port] Flyme Os Latest v5.1.12.23R Beta For Yuphoria (23-02-17) : http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads...v5-1-12-23r-beta-for-yuphoria-23-02-17.47793/

    MIUI 8 China Beta v7.2.24 [VoLTE]: http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/miui-8-china-beta-v7-2-24-volte-03-03-17.47745/

    [ROM][PORT] Sony Xperia™ Z5 ROM For Yuphoria [VoLTE]: http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/rom-port-sony-xperia™-z5-rom-for-yuphoria-volte.49364/

    [PORT] HTC Sense Ui Experience For All Devices (KK/LP/MM/N): http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/port-htc-sense-ui-experience-for-all-devices-kk-lp-mm-n.48423/
    (Above 3K Downloads.)

    XDA Thread For HTC Sense UI Experience For All Devices : https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-3/themes/mod-htc-sense-ui-experience-package-t3606636

    I also know to make Themes (Made 2 themes for MIUI also - Shubh Deepawali Mi Fans & GalaxyDark, search in theme store.)
    And lot more can be found on my Blogspot [Link Below]. Many more work to come too...

    Plus Points
    Active in Yu Community since YU company emerged.
    Knowledge in Porting most device operating systems out there so I can Port all ROMs to Garlic also.
    Knowledge in Compiling also so I can make more ROMs.
    Knowledge in making Original Themes.
    Knowledge in making MODs.

    Experience in Porting OEM Apps.
    Have worked on various chipsets Including MSM8916/ MSM8928/ MSM8939/ MSM8937.

    My Profile Links
    Yu Forum: http://forums.yuplaygod.com/members/gaggu.83461/
    Miui Forums: http://en.miui.com/space-uid-1592027445.html
    Mi Community : http://c.mi.com/space-uid-1592356695.html
    XDA Forum : https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=8105789
    Blogspot: http://techygaggu.blogspot.com

    I hope my efforts will pay off and All the best to all developers. Looking forward to continue this legacy and work with YU in this program :)

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    *PRATHAMESH* Recognized Developer YUREKA PLUS Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    I am Prathamesh and I have my own ROM named FireHound. I mainly like to work on Java based source codes including frameworks, apps, custom features etc.
    I am in Android development, open source & community for almost 1 and a half year. I also used to work on CameraNextMod which has altogether crossed 50k+ downloads. A big project which brought me in development.
    Currently I write custom features for my ROMs framework base.
    I have been working on YU Yureka and Coolpad Note 3. I also undertook YU Yutopia N development previously. I contribute to projects like LineageOS, Dirty Unicorns etc on Gerrit. I also own a private AOSP Source code which is under testing currently. I have been experimenting on CTS from few months recently. I am working on a new device bringup from few days. I also own a custom kernel compiled for YU Yureka. I also maintain source of my ROM which is released officially for 15+ devices. Currently I am writing a Camera App along with my College team.
    Links to my work:
    ROM : https://github.com/FireHound
    Profile : https://github.com/PMS22
    YU Forums Profile: http://forums.yuplaygod.com/members/prathamesh.60858/
    YU Forum Contributions: http://forums.yuplaygod.com/search/2728397/
    XDA Profile : https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?s=457a33cdde87dcd3acd6295e170ca7db&u=7517783
    LineageOS Gerrit patches merged: https://review.lineageos.org/#/q/owner:prathams99%40rediff.com status:merged

    Some of the apps I have contributed for my college: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.enthusia.EnthusiaApp
    Some of my custom features can be found here

    I look forward to work with YU guys for this project. Hoping for all good. :)

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  10. AKASH K.K


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  11. Abhishek

    Abhishek YUREKA Yuser

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    Hey most of you guys may know me but still this thread requires introduction ;)

    I started my journey from yu yureka (tomato) which was my 1st android device and I contributed out a few things for the device some of them are

    I also contributed to yuphoria (lettuce) development

    Later I bought xiaomi redmi note 3 (kenzo) and continued legacy out there :p some of my contributions out there are :-

    1. Device tree :- https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_xiaomi_kenzo/commits/cm-14.1?author=TheScarastic
    2. Common tree :- https://github.com/LineageOS/androi...56-common/commits/cm-14.1?author=TheScarastic
    3. Kernel :- https://github.com/LineageOS/android_kernel_xiaomi_msm8956/commits/cm-14.1?author=TheScarastic
    I also got xiaomi redmi note 4 (mido) for which i brought up Lineage trees from scratch and gave a platform to other devs to contribute :p

    Official lineage is in works and will be up by next week as just a small part of selinux is left :)

    Currently I am bringing up Trees for redmi 4a (rolex) which is still wip and should be stable in upcoming month

    In this journey i worked on various different soc :-

    1. Yureka :- snapdragon 615 (msm8939)
    2. Yuphoria :- snapdragon 410 (msm8916)
    3. Redmi note 3 :- snapdragon 650 (msm8956)
    4. Redmi note 4 :- snapdragon 625 (msm8953)
    5. Redmi 4a :- snapdragon 425 (msm8917)

    Moreover my work was 2 times featured on XDA :-

    1. https://www.xda-developers.com/xda-...-13-0-for-the-snapdragon-xiaomi-redmi-note-4/
    2. https://www.xda-developers.com/xda-...ageos-14-0-is-available-for-the-redmi-note-4/

    XDA Profile :- https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=6070905
    Github:- https://github.com/TheScarastic
    lineage contributions :- https://review.lineageos.org/#/q/owner:warabhishek%2540gmail.com

    I hope My experience will help will greater development of Yureka black (garlic) :D

    #TeamSanam ;)
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  12. Abhinav jayaswal

    Abhinav jayaswal Ashroo is happy to help you YUPHORIA Yuser YUTOPIA Yuser

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    Hi my name is Abhinav Jayaswal and iIam a developer for Android as I have a huge interest in Android and I am in this for at least a year but due to exams left in between and I was back with TeslaRom-n and CandyRom for Yuphoria I also contributed to some roms and I have a custom rom in its alpha stage and it will be out to public soon. It is an Aosp-Caf based rom. I compiled roms for Galaxy Star pro but as its old so left. I currently work for Yu Yuphoria and I am learning android apps development via Udemy.
    here is my work for yuphoria :-
    Candy Rom N
    CandyRom MM
    BrokenRom MM
    My Github Profile- https://github.com/Dyne-destroyer
    My thread on YU Forums - LINK
    I was also a member of PRO YUPHORIANS tem just launched for helping people with yuphoria.
  13. Ayush Rathore

    Ayush Rathore ∆¥|_|$|~| YUREKA PLUS Yuser YUPHORIA Yuser

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    Hello Everyone
    Myself Ayush Rathore and I would also like to join Yu-developer-program Season 3 and do future development for Yureka-black

    I started my journey with Micromax Unite 2 (mtk6582) which was my first phone. I ported Roms and recoveries for it.
    Some of the ports include CM12.1, CM13, RR, themed some Roms also(marshmallow UI) and also done recovery porting for 6582. (TWRP)

    Twrp = https://forum.xda-developers.com/un...overy-twrp-3-0-2-1-recovery-micromax-t3368507
    (I dont have an xda profile, so one of my friend posted it.)

    Later I bought YUphoria, and after being attracted to the community, and its devolopment platforms, I bought Yureka_Plus

    Mine works to Yu devices

    I worked on a custom kernel for both Yureka(msm8939) and Yuphoria (msm8916) namely AR_Beast Kernel.

    Here are the links
    Tomato - http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/ar_beast-kernel-r5-3-10-105-2017-02-05-uber-tc-6-3-1-mm-n-yu-yu.48154/

    Lettuce - http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/ar_beast-kernel-r2-3-10-105-2017-14-04-uber-tc-6-3-1-mm-n.48659/

    Apart from this I also extracted data toggle fixing files from newer nougat Roms and provided it as a patch for older Roms.

    Data toggle fix patch

    Yuphoria :- http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/fix-data-toggle-on-nougat-7-1-roms-completely-fixed.46915/
    Yureka :-

    Github Profile - https://github.com/AyushR1

    Ayush Rathore
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  14. Aamir(yunique)


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  15. Shoaib05

    Shoaib05 An expert in anything was once a beginner. Recognized Developer YUREKA PLUS Yuser Yureka Black YUser

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    Hi @AudioGod

    I would like to participate in this Yu Program. I have been developing for Yu since 2 years now. My main development project for Yu has been my own Velocity Custom Kernel, built from Source with many new features including some of my own, self-written Drivers. In a short span of time, I have developed my own Custom Kernel for every Yu-Device out there with Open Source Development. Moreover, my Kernel has been the Top Viewed and Downloaded Custom Kernel in every Yu-Device's Forum Section. To achieve this, I have been very active here on Yu-Forums providing users with new features and support really quickly.

    The following links show my Custom Kernel's Thread for Yu-Devices---




    Yureka Plus---


    A single version of my Velocity Custom Kernel has been downloaded by more than 4,400 people on Yu Forums! ;) Moreover, my Kernel includes some unique and new features written by me and introduced to Yu-Forums only be me. Some of them are---

    I have developed a Fully Automated Core Control Driver which can Disable the whole big Cluster safely for extended Battery Life and Least Heating.
    2. I have successfully Ported and Heavily Modified Franco's Thermal Driver for Yu-Devices. This Thermal Driver offers the best way of balancing Heat and Performance on Yu-Devices.
    3. I have developed the Best Way to implement OverClock on Snapdragon 615 SoCs. Based on a higher base voltage, I have successfully managed to stabilize the Max. Supported CPU-Frequency of 1.70GHz for every revision of the architecture.
    4. I have Fixed the Port of Faux Sound Control for Yu-Devices. With my modifications, Negative Values of Gains have started working too.
    5. I have Fixed the Port of Adreno IDLER for Yu-Devices. With my modifications, Adreno IDLER can be Disabled and Enabled via userspace properly now.
    6. I have also done Various Optimizations and BUG-Fixes in the Source Code of the Kernel for Yu-Devices.

    Currently, I am building a new HotPlug Driver for big.LITTLE SoCs (Yu Yureka, Yu Yureka PLUS and Yu Yutopia) which is going to be the Most Feature-Packed HotPlug for such architecture. Apart from the normal Offline/Online of Cores, this HotPlug Driver of mine will allow users to Disable either of the Clusters according to their usage without having much Memory or CPU footprint. Also, I have Heavily Modified AutoSMP and State_Helper HotPlugs in order to make them support big.LITTLE SoCs and I have also added a lot of new features to these HotPlugs.

    For my earlier device i.e., HTC One V, I made a Kernel too on XDA (I am not much active there as I have always been busy with Development for Yu-Devices). Although I have stopped support for this HTC kernel long ago but still it is the most active topic on the HTC One V's XDA Forum with 460 and rising no. of downloads (it is quite an old phone so there aren't many users left :p ).

    Apart from Velocity Kernel, I have also Developed Load-Shifter for big.LITTLE SoCs, an intelligent combination of Task-Thresholds which allow only heavy threads to run on the big Cluster and keep everything else on the LITTLE Cluster. This allows for maximum Battery-Life and Least Heating.
    Here is the Link for Load-Shifter's Thread---

    I have also Recently Developed a Mini Version of my Velocity Kernel which is supposed to Replace the Stock Kernels in Custom ROMs. It will serve those Custom ROM developers who don't have much time to BUILD a Kernel too in addition to their Custom ROMs. This Kernel of mine offers rock solid stability, high security and minimal but useful features and addons.
    Here is the Link for MiniVelocity Kernel's Thread---


    Coming to Open-Source and Other Contributions to Yu-Community, I have successfully Updated the Linux Base Version of our Kernel Source. I have updated our Kernels from 3.10.49 to 3.10.105 (the latest one). Moreover, I have properly updated this Linux Base Version by including almost all the commits and fixing the buggy ones. I have dealt with around 2500 commits of this Update and on successfully merging them, I have Open-Sourced it for all of the Yu-Community. In fact, now, almost all of the Custom Kernels use this Update.
    Here is the Link for Linux Base Version's Thread---


    In addition to all of this, I have also altered my style of working on GitHub and have carefully Open-Sourced a bunch of Features for Yu-Devices which proved difficult to compile or run on our Source. Moreover, I have properly organised my GitHub profile so that every feature can be easily cherry-picked by any Developer. In my Source Code, there are many branches titled Yu-Feature_Name which include up to date Features Optimized for Yu-Devices which anyone can pick.
    Here is the Link for Open-Source Features' Thread---


    Here is my GitHub profile (N-Tomato Branch of Velocity_MSM8916 Repo is the Main Active Branch with Features which I am currently Developing)---

    I like building Kernels from Source and this is how I can contribute to Yu. :) However, if I get my hands on Yureka Black, then I'll surely give a shot to ROM development also because then I'll be able to develop without disturbing my personal life. Also, I can improve the Performance of Yu Yureka Black by implementing new features designed specifically for such architecture, thus enhancing the user-experience of this Yu Device.

    I hope you keep an eye out for me too. Winning a Yureka Black will certainly widen up my options of development for Yu devices and will also prove as a motivation to keep working for Yu. :)

    Lastly, to know how much active and helpful I have been here on Yu-Forums, one can look at the list of Notable Members of Yu-Forums. I am there on most of them. Moreover, I am third in the Most Likes list. :)

    That's all Adi!
    Thanks! :)
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  16. Frozen_Lemon

    Frozen_Lemon On to 13 :p ;) YUREKA Yuser Yureka Black YUser

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  17. pranu@cool

    pranu@cool Recognized Developer Super Coder CodeCracker YUPHORIA Yuser YU Developer YUREKA Yuser Retired Moderator

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    Hey @AudioGod ,
    This is Pranav aka @pranu@cool in Forums, I've been an YU Developer since past 2 years and still continuing..!!
    Well I have done many works and contributions in these 2 years and you know them very well!
    All my works for YU devices can be found here: http://forums.yuplaygod.com/search/2729513/
    I have worked on Yutopia,Yureka,Yunicorn(TWRP),Yuphoria,Yureka Black.....
    I was in selected in YU Developer Program Season 2 back in 2015,

    My Most Important Works (Recent Times):-

    • Lineage os bringup for Yureka black (YU5040)
    • Work on YU-OS back in 2016
    • Contributions to Lineage os for all YU devices
    • Maintaining many roms and tweaking stuff for Yuphoria(Which I won in Season 2 Dev Program)

    So I'm intrested to take part in this YU-Developer Program Season 3 and help the YU community grow better :D :D
    I hope I'll get selected :D :D

    Thanking You,
    Pranav Reddy
  18. Megatron_007

    Megatron_007 ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ YUPHORIA Yuser YU Developer Retired Moderator

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    Hello ,
    First of all let me introduce myself with small introduction , As many of guys here maybe knowing me.
    I am Omkar Shinde aka Megatron007 @ YUForums/XDA. Currently , YU Developer/Senior Moderator , Recognized Developer at XDA-Developers , YU Dev Program Season 2 Winner.

    I have worked in various field of Android like porting and theming a rom , bringup device like i did for moto x , worked upon kernels , recovery like TWRP and various mods like multirom.
    I have contributed to many various android projects like LineageOS/CyanogenMod , Paranoid Android-Legacy , AOSIP And a lots of roms as you can see my xda and github. Currently i work for Mr. Apocalypse for Screwd Rom which a pure aosp based rom only for nexus devices though caf support is coming soon

    Github - https://github.com/ScrewdAOSP

    Let me move forward and talk about the chipset i have been working for - Mtk6589 , Mtk6582 , Msm8960/S4 , MSM8916 , MSM8992 etc..
    Devices which i have worked on - Samsung Galaxy Y , Micromax A116 , Micromax Doodle , Moto X , Yu Yuphoria , Nexus 5x

    My Major Works for the Devices -

    CyanogenMod 14 bringup - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-cyanogenmod-14-moto-x-t3485960
    CyanogenMod 13 bringup - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-cyanogenmod-13-moto-x-t3313427

    AOSP for Moto X - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-android-source-project-t3116436
    MultiROM for Moto X
    - https://github.com/Megatron007/multirom_ghost
    Screwd Rom for Nexus 5x - https://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-5x/development/rom-screw-d-android-v2-0-1-t3355582
    Megabyte Kernel for Moto X - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/kernel-megabytekernelr1-t3226607
    Megabyte Kernel for Nexus 5x - https://github.com/Megatron007/megabyte_bullhead
    Paranoid Android Legacy for Moto X - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-paranoidandroid-5-t3107503
    Themed and Ported Rom for Micromax A116 - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2704307

    My Other Roms for which i have been worked on -

    Nexus 5X -
    Resurrection Remix - https://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-5x/development/rom-resurrectionremix-v5-6-0-t3270982
    AICP 12.1 - https://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-5x/development/rom-aicp-12-1-nexus-5x-bullhead-t3498051

    Moto X 2013 -
    TWRP - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/recovery-twrp-2-8-7-0-touch-recovery-t3277785
    Hybrid Kernel - https://github.com/Megatron007/ghost/tree/hybrid
    Resurrection Remix MM - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-resurrection-remix-mm-v5-6-0-t3320888
    Mokee Rom - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-mokee-opensource-project-t3104785
    AICP MM - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-aicp-11-0-mm-6-0-official-t3318051
    Resurrection Remix LP - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-resurrection-remix-v5-4-2-t3093415
    Blisspop Rom - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-blisspop-v4-0-3-t3219757
    Vanir KK - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-vaniraosp-moto-x-unified-variants-t2876144
    Candy5 - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-t3095295
    Xenon HD - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-xenonhd-5-1-1-t3110779
    Euphoria OS - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-euphoria-os-1-1-t3091502
    Flex OS - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-flexos-moto-x-t3087940
    Dirty Unicorns- https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-dirty-unicorns-5-1-1-t3104344 ( Featured on XDA PORTAL)
    Gummy - http://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-gummy-m3-0-moto-x-unified-variants-t2876897
    Mokee KK - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x/development/rom-mokee-opensource-project-moto-x-t2876855

    Moto X 2014 -
    Resurrection Remix - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x-2014/development/rom-resurrection-remix-v5-6-0-t3270604
    AICP - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x-2014/development/rom-resurrection-remix-v5-6-0-t3270604
    Resurrection Remix LP - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x-2014/development/rom-resurrection-remix-v5-4-2-t3093506
    AICP LP - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x-2014/development/rom-aicp-9-0-t3093822
    Euphoria OS - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x-2014/development/rom-euphoria-os-1-1-t3093535
    Flex OS - https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-x-2014/development/rom-euphoria-os-1-1-t3093535

    Oneplus One -
    Flex OS - https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/development/rom-flexos-bacon-t3087245

    YU Devices -
    PAC Rom - https://forum.xda-developers.com/yu-yuphoria/development/rom-pac-rom-lp-mr1-beta-2-t3172488
    OCT-L - https://forum.xda-developers.com/yureka/development/rom-octos-oct-l-t3115458
    Vanir AOSP - http://forums.yuplaygod.com/threads/rom-5-1-1-official-nightlies-vaniraosp-for-lettuce.15074

    Themed And Ported Roms-

    Micromax A116 -
    Official MERE Rom - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2732089
    Beast Rom [CM11/ASOP Kitkat Themed] - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2704307
    Revolution [Samsung Themed] - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2714727
    Mau5 Rom [Baidu OS] - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2721013

    Micromax Doodle 2-
    Colour OS - http://forum.xda-developers.com/canvas-doodle-2/development/rom-t2746876
    Zyvex Rom - http://forum.xda-developers.com/canvas-doodle-2/development/rom-t2746850
    Lewa OS - http://forum.xda-developers.com/canvas-doodle-2/development/rom-t2746774

    I Have worked for Yuphoria also as i got selected in YU Dev program , I use to maintain that device with PAC with @pranu@cool , VANIR And TEAM EOS.

    I have been Featured on XDA Portal And Various site For My CM13 and CM14 bringup for Moto X -

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/4aiqws/original_moto_x_2013_ghost_is_ready_for_official/ ( Not able to find portal link :/ )

    My Profile Link -
    XDA - https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=5116201
    Github - https://github.com/megatron007
    Site - omkarshinde.me
    (All my contributions are listed on this three sites)

    I would like to nominate some of my friends also who are applying for the program - @Sanyam Jain @Abhishek @akhilnarang @Arnav Gosain @sud.vastav @SarthakNarang

    If i get selected i will try to contribute to original development/work as much as possible for yureka black unlike yuphoria as i got less time to work upon it :)

    As i am applying for the Dev program again lets hope for a good result and all the best to all my fellow devs:)


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  19. Aayushrd7

    Aayushrd7 Feed The Machine #WarMachine YUTOPIA Yuser YUREKA Yuser

    Trophy Points:
    I am Not Here to Take Part as I very Well know that I am Not Capable....

    Only Note that I wanted to Make....What is They way That @AudioGod from Yuforums is ensuring that the devices Go to worthy People?...All I want is No Politics and Fair Play....

    From My Side I would elect @Karthick Mostwanted Just For His Effort That I have Seen So Far.

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  20. Prasoon Mehra

    Prasoon Mehra phantom_1402 YUREKA Yuser

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    Hi all,
    Some of the guys still know me (may not) lol
    I would like to participate in this Yu Program. I have been developing for Yu since 1 year now. My main development project for Yu has been an UNOFFICIAL build of Resurrection Remix (Both N and Mm), XOSP N, and they were the most viewed threads (after OFFICIAL ofcrs). To achieve this, I have been very active here on Yu-Forums providing users with new features and support really quickly.

    Also to be a bit different from OFFICIAL maintainers i implemented OMS support, Vulkan Support, and performance tweaks... Also i thrived to fix the bugs as soon as possible to give users a smooth and an experience that they never got!

    My RR thread was the second most viewed and the build was second most downloaded!

    I also came up with my own custom kernel ( though it didn't lasted much long as I was awarded a OnePlus 3 from an Amazon Contest!) So I shifted to OnePlus 3 device development! Currently I work for op3/3T (Unified) trees!
    There I am the official maintainer of AospExtended Rom (Gtihub:- www.github.com/aospextended)

    People behind me, who changed me were @Sanyam Jain @Karthick Mostwanted @darshan1205 and some more! Who made me capable enough to do something for the community!

    My GitHub Profile Links

    My Profile:-

    My Threads:-


    RR N


    RR M

    Something for the community:-

    XDA Profile:-

    XDA Username:- prasoonmehra

    OFFICIAL AospExtended Thread:- For Oneplus3/3T

    OFFICIAL AospExtended Thread:- For Le Eco Le pro 3 (zl1)


    Currently I am working on OnePlus 3 and msm8996 devices for EAS support and a tunable power HAL named VOX Populi (Which are in Pixel)!
    Will be happy to get in YU back again!
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
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