What Makes Your Phone as Yunique as YU?

Discussion in 'Contests and Promotions' started by YuGod, Sep 14, 2015.

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  1. YuGod

    YuGod SuperYuser SuperYuser YuBarons YUNICORN Yuser

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    As you all know, the YU smartphones can be customised and made to look unique to suit your personality. This contest gives you the opportunity to flaunt your uniqueness to the world and take away some exciting prizes!

    Share with us what's Yunique about YU. You have the chance to share everything under the sun. For instance:

    1. Screenshots of your own personalised themes, icons packs, wallpaper, app drawer, etc.

    2. Your custom ROMs and kernels.

    3. Personalised ringtones that makes you dance or your alarm tone that you wake up to every morning.

    Now you can add soundcloud sound/songs link to generate soundcloud player in your post. Check steps and exapmle HERE

    Eligibility to Enter the Contest:

    • Be a registered member of the Forum
    • Be unique

    Method of Submission of your Entries:

    1. Share screenshots of your personalised theme you like by mixing up various components of different themes or screenshots of your unique icons packs, wallpaper, app drawer, etc.

    2. Mention the name and screenshots of the stock or custom ROM/Kernel that makes your phone unique and write a couple of lines telling us about its features and what you like about it.

    3. Share the name and mp3 files of your personalised ringtones or alarm tones.

    • 1st Prize: One Brand New YUNIQUE
    • 2nd Prize worth: 3000/- INR
    • 3rd Prize worth: 1000/- INR

    Judging Criteria & Method:
    • Creativity
    • Uniqueness
    • Visual aesthetics
    • Usefulness/ Features

    We will first select the top 10 entries with most numbers of likes and put them up for internal and external voting. Weightage given to internal and external scoring will be 50% each. The highest voted 3 entries will win something Yunique ;)

    More you share, more are your chances of winning. Your time is limited.

    Submission Deadline: 25th September: 11:59 AM

    Voting Phase begins: 28th September

    Winner Announcement: 1st October

    Terms and Conditions of the Contest

    So get cracking and ready to share!
  2. badshah deep

    badshah deep QRS QRS YUREKA Yuser

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    This is my customisation
    I am right now on KitKat and using PACMAN 4.4.4
    YUNIQUE ABOUT YU it has the best front camera
    And bcoz of PAC man I have ACTIVE DISPLAY ENABLED AND WITH Yureka it looks awesome
    And UNIQUE ABOUT YUNIQUE it comes with stock LOLLIPOP for those who don't want any customisation also

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  3. Swapnil Jadhav

    Swapnil Jadhav Happiness Is Infectious, Keep Spreading It YUREKA Yuser

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    :D:D:D Finally my kind of a Contest.The most awesome things about YU phones are countless customization which a person like me is very fond of..I like to play with different CM12 themes & Custom Launchers and icons..so.here are my entries..HomeScreen setups

    PS...my daily driver ROM is beloved BlissPop..Not a big fan of Custom Kernel though..I like BlissPop ROm because it is a perfect blend of Customization and stability unlike other ROm which only give only 1 option, either High Customization or Performance & Stability :D:D:D

    Nova Launcher Prime
    OutCast White Icons
    Phoenix Zooper Widget

    Nova Launcher Prime
    White in Grey Icon Pack
    Phoenix Zooper Widget


    Nova Launcher Prime
    Difft Icons
    Cobo Widget
    aaaand Some Random Badass Wallpaper

    Screenshot_2015-02-18-00-10-28.png Screenshot_2015-02-17-23-10-37.png Screenshot_2015-02-18-00-11-17.png

    this screenshot I've done in Screener app

    Lai Icon Packs
    Wallpaper from +Evolve Wallpapers (Paid)
    As Is Zooper Widget

    PS...Thumb Icon is App Drawer from Glim Icon Pack


    I hope that I win this time..#WhatMakesYourPhoneAsYuniqueAsYou?
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  4. kapiljhajhria

    kapiljhajhria YUPHORIA Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    What makes my phone unique??
    Well it android and YU's warranty policy. Enough said.
    Let me show you what i can do with my Zeus.

    Custom ROM:
    [ROM][YUREKA][UNOFFICIAL] Temasek [V16.9][XCELERATED][Updated:9/15]

    This ROM has just the right amount of features for me. Everyone might not like this ROM but its perfect for me.
    One of thee feature that i like is "custom header image" which changes itself with time
    have a look
    Custom header image

    Continued here
  5. Somesh Thakur

    Somesh Thakur Recognized Developer Recognized Developer YUPHORIA Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    What Makes My Phone as #Yunique as #YU?


    I have been waiting for this :D
    I love cynogen's freedom to customize everything
    Literally ! Everything which is possible.

    I used make my own wallpapers and share it Yu Forums too.


    CyanogeMod 12.1 Snapshot
    Ans) Quite Stable build and Satisfaction of using CM12.1 before release of official COS.


    Stock kernel

    • Wallpaper, Icon pack :- Blue Paper V5
    • Status Bar :- MIOS Theme
    • Navigation Bar:- Octagon (just love it)
    • Style:- Xperia CM12 Theme
    • Lock Screen:- Lone CM12
    • Fonts , Bootanimation, Alarms:- System Stock Theme
    • Notification Sound:- Old Spice Whistle Tone
    • Ringtone :- [SIM1] Black and Blue WWE Smack Down. [SIM2] Bro Safari & UFO! - Zombies (Big Wild Trap Remix)
      All themes are available at Play store for free

    Ringtone links

    Black and Blue (SmackDown)

    Bro Safari & UFO! - Zombies (Big Wild Trap Remix).

    Hope You like it :)
    CYNOGEN POWER :cool:
    Oh! Wait Actually YU + CyanogenMod power :D :cool::p
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  6. umang sonare

    umang sonare YUPHORIA Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    Theme:-xperia cm12

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  7. Mahesh Kool

    Mahesh Kool Made of Atoms and Emotions YUREKA Yuser

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    Here is my simple and cool customisation of my YU...:)
    • OS : Cyanogen OS 12 (5.0.2) (Everything Stock)
    • Launcher : Nova Launcher
    • Home screen widget : DashClock Widget and some extensions
    • Icon's : Rondo - Icon Pack
    • Cyanogen Theme : Transparent UI
    • LockScreen : AcDisplay
    Ringtone : Iphone's Remix Ringtone

    Alarmtone : Android Remix Ringtone


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  8. adnan syed

    adnan syed QRS QRS YUPHORIA Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    Here is mine :D

    This make my YUREKA YUNIQUE :cool:

    My rom is blisspop 3.9 :p
    razor reborn 2.02(custom kernel)
    Boot animation (android M)
    Trebuchet (launcher)
    Around donate (icon pack)
    Ringtones sim 1( orion inbuilt) in bliss
    Ringtone sim 2 (hangouts call inbuilt ) in bliss
    Alarm tone (krypton inbuilt) in bliss
    Notification tone (whistle ) Samsung's one
    Ilk + coalfield (themes)
    Rosemary (icon pack)
    Zooper custom widget
    Screenshot_2015-09-14-18-09-18.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-17-59-02.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-17-55-54.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-17-59-23.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-18-01-15.png
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  9. Kunal Sehgal

    Kunal Sehgal HaCKing is Fun, iF YoU're a HaCKeR!!!! YUREKA Yuser

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    This is my Customized Ringtone or you can say Alarm Tone.

    Title :
    Troubles in my mind.
    Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxq7l31_GKufbDl3ZjVTUzVhSzQ/view?usp=docslist_api

    Yunique about YU :
    The Yunique thing about YU is that its devices comes with Great Customization features and the best thing is Rooting or Unlocking Bootloader will not void the device Warranty which gives us Freedom to do every possible customizations with the device.
  10. Rbareja72

    Rbareja72 YUREKA Yuser

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    My yunique yureka with yunique theme.. ;)
    Customised syste. Theme with new fonts and using app themer to apply themes to particular apps :)

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  11. Bhargav97

    Bhargav97 YUREKA PLUS Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    One day! I woke up and...
    Thought to do something adventurous and exciting and unique with nothing else but my yunique yureka! Following is the small list of crazy things I did:
    • My Yureka's SnapDragon 615 Overclocked to 1651MHz! For what? Just to open Facebook quickly? NO!!!! :D
    • My Yureka's Adreno 405 overclocked to 620MHz!! For what? Just to enjoy smooth live wallpapers? NO!!!! :D
    • My Yureka's Thermal Engine modified so that I can overcome CPU throttling at high temp! My yureka was on fire at 80°C but I kept doing it! For What? Just to play Subway Surfers? NO!!!! :D

    All these Crazy things were done
    Playing GTA SA at High Definition Graphics (at highest possible configuration) smoothly for a long enough time so that I can derail this train engine in a foreign district. Have you done it? :p


    I knew you won't believe me at that "80°C" part...proof below:


    Wanna know How I did it?

    -> Xcelerate kernel (Latest test Build). Thanks @kairi_zeroblade
    -> Kernel Adiutor app (To disable Default thermal engine conf and give my CPU freedom)
    -> Some dry ice (literally, you need it when it goes 80 or above).
    -> I did it at my own risk and you do the same.

    What makes Yureka Yunique here?

    It's because of YU (and Cyanogen) that our Yureka has capabilities of extending it's capabilities from the default ones. Not every device can do that (like: Lenovo K3 Note can't). So YU is YUnique indeed!

    Keep waiting for more!
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  12. JinoJoy

    JinoJoy YUREKA Yuser

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    Screenshot_2015-09-14-19-21-58.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-19-22-11.png

    Here is my YUniq yureka
    Stock rom with a lot of xposed modifications
    I always keep my desktop screen clean , the lwp is "Ambient Time"
    I am using the Go Launcher Z Prrime with some random iconpack from go-store
    Random transaction effects with the help of xposed module
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  13. Krunal Chandra

    Krunal Chandra “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” YUPHORIA Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    Stock Rom! Stock Theme!
    Both Rocks!


    Lightning Kernel Forever <3

    Clean and Simple Stock Navigation Bar <3[​IMG]
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  14. Xyther


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    This is My YUNIQUE BEAST Yu Yureka:

    ROM : CyanogenMOD 12.1 SNAPSHOT

    KERNEL : Razor Reborn SABER V2.2

    THEME : Deep Darkness

    FONT : Armani

    WALLPAPER : Scyther Art

    ICON PACK : Moonshine

    KEYBOARD : Fleksy

    LAUNCHER : Nova Launcher Prime

    RINGTONE : Stone Cold Steve Austin;)


    ALARM TONE : Guns N' Roses : Welcome To The Jungle

    Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-00-57.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-01-11.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-01-19.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-01-29.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-01-45.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-02-00.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-02-16.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-02-25.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-17-39[1].png Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-22-23[1].png
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  15. prince samir

    prince samir lewa os/lightning kernel YUREKA Yuser

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    My -yureka
    Rom -stock cm12
    Theme -blue paper
    Font cool jazz
    Why its yuniqe for me because its my first android phone nd its gifted my dad in my birthday Screenshot_2015-09-14-20-16-13.png

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  16. Bhargav97

    Bhargav97 YUREKA PLUS Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    One day! I woke up and saw that the sky was filled with colors like pink, yellow, green, orange! Well, mostly pink. So now you know what it is...Yes, It was our Indian festival: Holi's morning. That was the day when I again realised how Yunique is my Yureka!

    How was Yureka Yunique back then?

    • My hands were totally wet and dirty with holi colors and I had to reply to a mail real urgently.
    • What then? I started typing email and sent it immediately. My work finished on time! But how? I must have not typed with wet hands then how?
    • My Yureka is unique (like Me :D ) coz it has Glove Mode capability which was initially developed by @Varun Chitre for yureka.
    • I had my car keys with me and I could touch my Yureka's screen with my car keys and it worked because of extra sensitivity of glove mode. So I could reply to that mail without making my phone wet. :)

    So guys, use your Yureka creatively, uniquely and proudly by using glove mode!

    What is Glove Mode and How to use it?

    Glove mode increases sensitivity of touch screen so that you can use your phone even after wearing gloves but it's much more than just gloves (like: I could use my car keys!)!!

    You can try out Glove mode by using ThunderZap kernel and an app ThunderZap Control both from @Varun Chitre : Go to screen section and you'll see a switch for 'Glove mode'. Remember: YU need a unique Yureka for this. ;)

    What makes Yureka Yunique here?

    It's because of YU (and Cyanogen) that our Yureka has capabilities of extending it's capabilities from the default ones. Not every device can do that (like: Lenovo K3 Note can't). So YU is YUnique indeed!

    More such amazing, creative, unique and useful entries to come! :p
  17. AbhishekMaurya

    AbhishekMaurya YUREKA PLUS Yuser YUPHORIA Yuser YUNICORN Yuser

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    What Makes Your Phone as Yunique as YU?
    What really make YU phones YUnique is the YUnique design and the power of customization with CyNogN.
    Now with help of some mixing and customization I made a theme:

    Nexus 5_615ECE6048D6_.PNG
    Nexus 5_D6900BC0BF42_.PNG
    Nexus 5_7AEDA7A52EE0_.PNG
    Nexus 5_3CB51633C658_.PNG
    Nexus 5_4D976B9DE293_.PNG
    Nexus 5_39F165B1E2CA_.PNG
    And other many more apps are themed approx 80+
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  18. Archit Jhingan

    Archit Jhingan

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    Stock rom
    Milos theme(cutomized)
    deepsleep battery saver
    Appealing widget
    Boo text

    Anti Theft app
    go Launcher
    rooted with bootloader unlocked
    heat control app
    Heavy games(mortal kombat, GTA, Gangster vegas at high configuration)
    Reduced heating issue with app
    These all feature makes my yu yureka plus the most unique device the most unique


    Screenshot_2015-09-14-22-27-33.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-22-26-51.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-22-26-51.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-22-27-33.png
    Screenshot_2015-09-14-22-35-30.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-22-34-52.png [/QUOTE]

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  19. Sarthak Jain

    Sarthak Jain DarkSJ1998 YUREKA PLUS Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    So here's my YUREK∆ setup ;)

    ROM & Kernel:-
    ▶ BlissPop v3.9 R12 (12 Aug Build)
    ▶ Lightning Kernel v5.5

    Kernel Adiutor:-
    ▶ Max - 1651Mhz
    ▶ Min - 346Mhz
    ▶ Governor - darkness

    Visual Setup:-
    ▶ Nova Launcher Prime
    ▶ Icons - Polycon & S6 Iron Man
    ▶ Style - YU (theme by Cyanogen) & dark material//regression
    ▶ Navigation bar - YU (Modded)
    ▶ Status bar - Flux & LONE CM12 (theme on Play Store)
    ▶ Wallpaper - Moto X Pure Edition Stock Wallpaper & Transformers 4 (#TF_Fan) :p

    ▶ Ringtone - In The End (Instrumental) - Linkin Park
    [SIM1 & 2 Both]
    ▶ Notification - Argon

    YU PL∆Y GOD with Cyanogen's Customizations on YU:D

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  20. Addy Suryawanshi

    Addy Suryawanshi Be Respectful To The Members YUREKA Yuser

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    The thing which makes my YU, YUnique.....is the level of customization we won't get on pure stock android.
    More than that, I have full control on my YU and that's what matters the most!!!

    Here is mine. Doesn't look that Elegant. But I love the same look. LOL!!!
    CyanogenOS 12 Stock.
    ThunderZap 4.1

    Main Theme:- Gem Flat.
    Status Bar And Notification Header:- Minions CM12 Theme.
    Font:- Sonysketch.
    Icon Pack:- Rondo App.
    Navigation Bar Icons:- Made By Me With Photoshop.
    Wallpapers (Both Home Screen & Lock Screen):- Downloaded From Google.
    Controls & Accent:- Levo.
    Ringtone:- Reverse Situation (Naruto Official Soundtrack).

    Notification Tone:- Minions.
    Boot Animation:- Stock Cyanogen.
    Turned App Drawer transparent With:- Transparent UI Theme.

    Screenshot_2015-09-14-23-50-10.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-23-50-30.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-23-51-18.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-23-51-32.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-23-51-42.png Screenshot_2015-09-14-23-56-57.png
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