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    YUNICORN- the new smartphone from YU is a perfect confluence of beautiful design, best in class software and is certainly the best smartphone ever made at an unbeatable price of Rs.12,999/-. Presenting a complete performance powerhouse, the smartphone is scooped with loads of software based services that get integrated in services platform ‘AROUND’. With AROUND on the device, a user can use the single sign-in to access any service as well as pay for it using the native wallet –UDIO for a complete and seamless experience.

    yunicorn image.png

    Reasons to buy YUNICORN

    1. Precision artwork in your hand

    A stunning device in metal, the YUNICORN is a head turner which represents style and premium looks. It follows YU’s design philosophy that exhibits a seamless metal uni-body blended design, embodying strength and giving the device stunning looks through meticulous craftsmanship. The phone comes with an elegant design with curves at the edges that perfectly connect the touch interface and metal body. The build gets enhanced with special Rose Gold edition giving the device the most iconic look ever. Infused with magnesium, the metallic back looks better with use and will not fade away like other devices.

    2. The Ultimate multimedia device

    Exemplifying excellent graphic quality, the device is equipped with a 5.5-inch, Full HD display offering dynamic contrast and color vibrancy; making it the ultimate multimedia device. Providing a haven for the users who love reading, the new smartphone comes with a monochrome mode enabling them to read as much as they want to without straining their eyes. The 13 MP rear camera allows one to capture richer photographs which are sharper, more lifelike & vibrant with intricate details. Users can take the perfect selfies with a 5MP front camera. The phone also comes with a two tone flash that intelligently calculates the amount of cool whites and warm yellows to mix. It does this by assessing colour temperature of the environment, so images look natural and beautiful even with flash. The phone also comes with worlds first True bright Dual Core ISP Engine which gives enhanced color resolution and enables users to take less than 200ms Shot to Shot delay.

    3. Enhanced Performance- From Speed to Finger Print Sensor

    Packed with a Mediatek Helio P10, a 64-bit octa-core CPU processor under the hood, the YUNICORN provides a stable and powerful processor for all the gaming enthusiasts and ensures seamless multitasking and efficiently runs applications of any kind. The YU YUNICORN is powered through the day with 4000 mAh battery.

    It is also equipped with an extremely fast fingerprint scanner, adding premium security and convenience. Users can now wake and unlock the device with one of five stored fingerprints in less than half a second. The fingerprint scanner on front has a glass cover and metal ring, making the appearance smoother and more elegant.

    4. Store unlimited photos, music, files and access them on the go

    With YUNICORN, one can keep precious memories safe and enjoy on-the-go access to files, music and pictures with 32 GB internal memory, expandable memory card and unlimited cloud storage powered by MiMedia social Cloud. Mi Media will be pre-installed in Yunicorn and will power the smartphone’s native phone gallery. The YU Gallery will provide users new and unique new features to rediscover and reconnect with our priceless memories

    mimedia 1.png mimeida 2.png

    5. Perfect sound on your fingertips

    Be it AR Rahman or your classic Michael Jackson collection; explore the world of music at your fingertips. YUNICORN audio is enhanced with dynamic volume leveling in separate frequency bands, automatic bass management (crossover) configuration for bass drivers for the audio aficionados. It’s a sheer bliss for the music lovers as the adaptive translation feature converts the low frequency content to higher bass.

    6. Give a Steroid Boost to your smartphone


    Running on Android Lollipop 5.1.1, the new smartphone comes with its unique steroid launcher, a beefed up version of stock android which comes with some features and aesthetics of Android M on Android 5.1.1. The launcher provides a customized look & feel to the user, making it beyond just another android phone. The launcher is built with some intuitive capabilities and is designed to give the users a premium user experience.

    7. The complete services eco-system

    Created with an insight that an average consumer spends about 15 seconds to pull out the first level of information and 12-14 taps to get to the information, the new smartphone has the services platform ‘AROUND’ that simplifies the process and saves a user time and effort to switch between applications thereby providing a seamless experience.


    With YUNICORN consumers can avail host of free offers for upgraded services experience –

    · 10% cash back for the SBI card users for the first flash sale

    · UDIO wallet will be loaded with INR 100 after the first transaction, INR 100 in the second month and INR 100 in the third month

    · YUNICORN will get 6 month free access to premium Gaana+ services and an unlimited song download

    · Free first consultation from Lybrate, 30% off on two subsequent consultations and free answers to the common health queries anytime, anywhere
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    But still it is a MTK Device :p
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    May be yugod just read the reviews of yunicorn. Hence they gave it's explanation!!!:p
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    But " mediatek " is not powerful as " snapdragon " ...... :p
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    Any chances of open-source code?
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    Kinna b advertise krlo koi ni kharidega isko. lol í ½í¸‚ #Yufoolship2016
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    Read in a thread that sources will be open in about a couple of months but only time will tell. And like @Annabathina says, Snapdragon's power can't be matched by MTK, not at least at this level. The price tag too doesn't look competitive enough with similarly configured devices, chief reason being the chip.
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    How do u say it is an art work it is a copied design
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    i wish i could say the same :p:p
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    Copied art, plagiarism! :D
  12. Nipun Goyal

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    Dumb @YuGod brought a more intelligent moto g4 plus, with have great power + bug free performance:D
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    Ensa eak 200 sa 300 MB a update time to time deya nahi ja ta .shala ha new phone bachna .
    This device is a copy of meziu note 3 and similarly to HTC one M
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    Unbeatable price:eek: :cool: Ever heard of meizu m3... Oops i forgot YU copied it ;)
    meizu beats YU by 3k for just a gig less ram :p:p:D:D
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    And at just 3000-5000rs more you are getting a "redefined" meizu m3...
    That's great ;-) :p
  16. venred

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    Creating multiple threads boasting yunicorn won't make any difference, and people don't forget that it is still a meizu m3...
    Only thread I am expecting from @YuGod and @Rahul.S is how they can justify 3000-5000 more price for already existing phone.
    Please post that justification, then we can go for your phone.
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    "YU" if u can sale this MOBILE under Rs-8999-9999 is ok.. Because why you are used "FREE" word..
    plz removed all remedy LIKE tagged - FREE..

    And also u know better then user.. which type service provided by YU and your tag service center (micromax)

    SALE is mobile UNDER - Rs-8999-9999 !!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Never buy YU brand mobile i buy yuphoria cyanogen based mobile handset, its my big mistake that company is not user friendly, still today they have not provide following problem faced by yuphoria devices:
    1. White spots on mobile screen ,i mail several times but they are busy in promotion of new handsets, still today not provided any solution.
    2. software based problem, still many bugs and now thay told that we have developed a new OS which is called YUOS, when they tie up with cyanogen than why they break tie up. Why user changed their OS from cyanogen to YUOS.
    3.A very poor customer services.
    So for future think before buy these handsets
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    Just tell me one thing in which Yunicorn will outshone Meizu M3 Note

    Excellent features of YU Yunicorn :-

    Xerox copy of Meizu M3 Note, just giving the back a brush finish.

    5.5" Full HD display which is low on PPI in comparision with Meizu M3 Note and even has a less strong glass - NEG
    Still YU is known for poor displays!
    (Meizu M3 Note has Dragontrail - which is the best out there, even better than Gorilla Glass!)

    Again a Xerox Copy of Meizu M3 Note

    Again! Xerox copy

    100 mAh less than Meizu M3 Note's 4100 mAh battery!

    This so called poor flagship runs on AOS, but who knows this might turn out to be a disaster for users. Welcomed by new bugs everyday!

    Uff! Not Again! :mad: Xerox Copy!

    This is the best and top selling point of the phone!
    Rs. 13K. And 3K more for what? A xerox copy phone, less battery, poor display, unstable OS, and a poor service.

    I doubt that YU has just rebranded the phone like they did for Yureka. (Yureka was a rebranded Coolpad F2)

    #RedefiningCopying :cool:

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    Is this really worth to buy? I'm planning for upgrade. Have to shortlist one of these
    1. Redmi Note 3 - 11,999/-
    2. Yu Yunicorn - 12,999/-
    3. Lenovo Zuk Z1 - 13,499/-
    4. Moto G 4 plus - 14,999/-
    5. Lenovo Vibe P1 Turbo - 17,600/-

    Please suggest me...

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