Phone? Flagship? Flagship? Phone? Or The Flagship Phone?

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    there is nothing we say wrong as far as strategy is concerned....when you look at buying new phone today would you choose YUNICORN? W/ LOLIIPOP ... NO NA.... though they rolled out updates for Nougat as well...?? tell me... now YUREKA BLACK ON Marshmallow and now they rolled update for it is happening man...the improvements are there... when Yureka plus/Yureka was launched Rahul sharma said we will give u updates then why stopped in between coz SD615 heated a lot and they know that it is indeed a nice phone but on their back as well xiaomi stood up tall to bring the phones with SD better series, however 615 is not bad but was less optimized and also heats a lot..that was not the company's fault except they could have offered the better one than 615... ... we have to understand that it is price and product that drives the market and a company not product and price...price is you have to choose the best out of that price segment in which u have limited choices and here the Company has to take the decision smartly.... so bro..asking for your right is good but ultimately its a c company that has to see all the things together we guys sitting at home can not think but yes if we could have given the opportunity we can think even better than what company thinks....

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