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    1. Search

    Always search before posting. (The most Important rule)

    Chances are that question you are about to ask has already been answered. Here is an example :


    Search 2.JPG


    You see its pretty easy and you get your solution faster. It also helps to keep forums clean and organized.

    Searching not only helps you but it also helps other as everything related to one problem can be found under a single thread. All the different types of solutions that other user tried and which helped them and which didn’t.

    If your search result didn’t get you any result then post your problem under proper section.

    2. Posting

    IF after searching you didn't find what you were looking for then post your issue under appropriate section.
    When you do Post it make sure you provide all the details. Like :
    1. Proper and detailed description of problem you are facing
    2. Your device name
    3. Your android version (Kitkat or lollipop)
    4. Your device build number
    5. Did you try anything to fix your problem yourself? If YES then what was it?
    6. Is your device rooted?
    7. Is your device's boot-loader locked or unlocked?
    8. Are you on custom recovery? If yes then which recovery and which version.
    9. Are you using custom kernel or custom ROM? If yes then post under that ROM/KERNEL's thread.
    Some of the things that you can try and which normally helps in majority of problems are

    1. Reboot to Recovery and wipe cache.
    2. Change the theme to default and reboot
    3. Use your phone in safe mode for a few hours and reboot after that.
    4. Wipe data and cache of the app that is causing you problem [This will wipe the settings and log in of that app]
    5. Enable any system apps that you might have disabled
    6. Perform a factory reset( caution: this step and steps mentioned below will erase all your data, except data on memory card))
    7. Factory reset your device from recovery
    8. Flash Stock ROM
    9. Flash stock ROM using fast-boot method
    If you have any doubt on how to do any of the above steps then you can search on forums. There are already threads which describes all of the above steps in detail.

    3. Do NOT:

    1. Flame or insult other members.
    2. Compare any Kernels/ROMs, every Kernel/ROM is the best on its own.
    3. Bump threads
    4. Mocking or taunting another forum member is not acceptable. Posts that ridicule another member or obviously exaggerate or misstate their views may be removed.
    5. Swear or use excessive profanity. Even using "****" to hide such words or just writing first letter is breaking the rules.
    6. Post advertisement, Affiliate links or links leading to sites such as
    7. Repetitively post in the incorrect forum
    8. Create multiple accounts.
    9. Troll (for those who don't know what it is click HERE or HERE)
    10. Repetitively post the same message in different threads.
    11. Go off topic or discuss something else which isn't related to that particular thread
    12. Post pirated content, cracked apps or links to such stuff.
    13. Post anything that's considered NSFW
    14. Ask for likes by making a new post.

    4. Read thoroughly

    Whenever you post under some thread make sure to read the Original Post thoroughly. That specific thread might have rules of its own.

    5. Over posting

    Making the same post many times, making multiple pointless posts in the same thread, making numerous posts with no real content, or posting just for the purpose of gaining a higher post count is NOT allowed.

    6. One-word posts.

    Do not bother making posts with only one or two words (e.g., "cool" or LOL) or a smiley or post simply to have the first reply in a thread. Such posts waste everyone's time and will be deleted. Posts saying "I agree", "+1", "this", "me too", or the equivalent are also routinely removed, so don't post them. If you aren't interested in a thread, skip the thread; don't post to tell us you aren't interested

    7. Use the like button

    Instead of saying "thank you" or "thanks a ton" simply like the post. It helps keep the forums clean and also shows your appreciation.

    8. Use only English language.

    We understand that not everyone speaks English well, but please try as not everyone here speaks or understands HINDI. You're free to include your original message in your own language, below the English message. ( use or )

    9. Treating new users or noobs

    Treat new members in the manner in which you would like to have been treated when you were a new member. When dealing with any member, provide them with guidance, advice and instructions when you can, showing them respect and courtesy. Never post in a demanding, argumentative, disrespectful or self-righteous manner.

    If you don't want to help then move on and let someone else help, instead of arguing with that user.

    10. Tagging Admins or Moderators

    Tagging moderators or staff members multiple times won't fix your problem any faster. So please tag them only once and just one of the moderators. Don't tag multiple moderators at the same time. Also avoid tagging staff members for stuff for congratulating them or in general conversations as because of this they will take time to go through all the notifications and it will take time for them to help a user who really needs their help.

    11. Using "Report" button

    "Report" button is often misused or barely used. "Report" button is to be used only when you notice someone breaking forum rules. Instead of trying to enforce the rule yourself, just use the "Report" button. It is the fastest way to bring that post to moderator's attention and don't take matter into your own hands. Moderators can't be everywhere, so help them by using that report button.

    "Report" button is not to be used for asking help with your problems. We have dedicated QRS members for that.

    12.Stay On-Topic

    Few off-topic posts can be overlooked/ignored but try to stay on topic. What to post under various sections
    • General Forums - For general discussion on that device which couldn't be discussed in other sections.. Could be some news discussion related to that device or discussion of some feature of that device.
    • Guides and [How-To] - For Guides and tutorials specific to that device. Don't create threads asking question like "how to do xyz stuff". This section is for posting the guides, Not for asking.
    • Development Forums - For Developers to post release threads e.g. ROMs and Kernels including modifications to kernels, bootloaders, ROMs, etc., as well as R&D development discussion threads designed with an end goal. This forum is not to be confused with "HOW TO" forum. Don't post any tricks or guides which includes someone else work.
    • Accessories Forum - For posts related to accessories relevant to the device
    • Customer Service Support - Basically this section is for user's who have ticket number or some hardware issue or some service related query.
    • Bug reporting, issues & troubleshooting - For all question / request threads and posts. If there is no such forum for any recently launched device, use the General Forum of the relevant device or General Forums
    13. Spreading rumors

    Is not a very good thing to do, some might believe you and blame YU when they turn out to be false.
    But my news is true! - If still want to post something which was not announced by YU officials either here or on any of their social media accounts, post the source.

    14. Signature

    Signature should follow all of the above mentioned rules and it should be of appropriate size. For example it should not cover whole screen or even half the screen on any device from which its seen. For detailed signature rules click HERE

    15. What happens if I break a rule?

    Once you break a rule, you will be given a warning. More than 5 warnings in a month and you might get banned permanently from the forums, since we hate to do that; we request you not to break any rules.


    Ayush and Moderator team

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    Rules for using Monetizing links:
    1. Monetizing links can only be used by ROM & kernel developers and in any development related threads by OP. (Monetizing links for general link sharing is strictly prohibited)
    2. Monetizing links can only be used when given as optional link.
    3. Monetizing links should be under spoilers
    4. Monetizing links needs to be second option or second choice. They need to be given only after giving direct download link on forums.First choice with direct download links and second choice with monetizing links under spoiler to prevent accidental clicks.
    5. Monetizing links should be accompanied with clear warning or notice mentioning that they are monetizing links and user should proceed at their own risk
    6. Any attempt to over shadow direct links or highlight monetizing links is not allowed.
    7. Message from YU(given in example) is compulsory before every monetizing link in bold and red letters. Exact Format needs to be followed

      Warning by YU:Links given below are monetizing links(refer here for description) Such websites can often lead to numerous pop ups and might be designed for accidental or repeated clicks. It can often direct user to some malicious apps, software, websites etc. please proceed at your own risk

      Download Link with Ad
      ********Monetizing link*******

      Sample post given below.


      Download links

      Version 13.0

      (URL shortener can be used for such long URL like Google URL shortener)

      Dev message for monetizing link (if there is any)

      Warning by YU: Links given below are monetizing links(refer here for description) Such websites can often lead to numerous pop ups and might be designed for accidental or repeated clicks. It can often direct user to some malicious apps, software, websites etc. please proceed at your own risk

      Download Link with Ad

      ********Monetizing link*******
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