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Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by DooMLoRD, Feb 23, 2015.

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  1. dumtara


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    Thanks a lot Yu Team.
    Since I am busy in personal life.
    I request @DooMLoRD to give this yuphoria to any other deserving developer.
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  2. Veeresh Mummigatti

    Veeresh Mummigatti

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    Ahh I came here to apply and saw srisurya95...
    Well I own a falcon device and compile SudaMod Rom for it. But I nominate @srisurya95 as he deserves to be the one . Give him a try and he will be at his best.

    Following are my compilations:


    If given me a chance I can play a fair game with YU GOD, as I am not busy with other Devices or ROMS.
    Hoping something Miraculous from YU.
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  3. srisurya95

    srisurya95 flashoholic

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    Haha hello veeresh
    @DooMLoRD this guy got skills but couldnt come up as falcon got all the ROMs :p
    this guy will do good so I'd like to nominate him
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  4. Avinaba Dalal

    Avinaba Dalal

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    Hello @DooMLoRD and all,
    I am Avinaba Dalal from Durgapur, West Bengal; and I would like to apply for the YU Developer Program.

    Facebook -
    Github -
    XDA - (a.k.a corphish, Recognized Contributor, thanks count of 1097 at the time of writing this)

    I am into Android Development for almost a year now, but programming is something which I have been doing for quite a bit of time (5-6 years or more). I know C/C++, shell, Java, but I feel myself stronger particularly in C/C++.

    My works

    If I get selected for this Program, I can contribute by building custom kernels and apps.

  5. Shivam Kuchhal

    Shivam Kuchhal

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  6. nithesh

    nithesh YUREKA Yuser

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    Hi did you had any chance of developing multirom for yureka... its a kind of much demanded application now. without this we aren't able to test ROMs. so if you are reading this, please priorities the development of your valuable application to yureka.
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  7. fergy

    fergy Recognized Developer

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    Mostly people know Me, mostly not.
    I am one of those who was make here post and delete it too as nobody respond at all.
    Can only say that don't want to make any big and long posts, and introduce with "famous" work.
    So, My work is some iPhone Android port, LG E400 4.4 port, E400 touch recovery, G-Flex (d950) twrp port, HTC Desire 820 (Qualcomm) twrp official port and so on. My nick on xda is same, so if anyone like to check, be My guest.
    Was come back as on Sooraj's last nomination for here We go again.
    Thank You for reading this.

    xda profile:
    Facebook: Don't have anymore :p
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  8. symbuzzer


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    Hi, I am Symbuzzer @ XDA. I am a Lawyer on my real life. But I also interested in Programming, Reverse Engineering, Hacking etc...
    Here is my some works:

    For Nokia X2:
    -Advanced Nokia X2 Tool; for changing IMEI, unbricking, rooting, flashing kernels, recoveries, GAPPS etc...

    -Nokia X2 Stock Rom Kexploit

    -TWRP; added Nokia X2-specific functions, like backup, restore and wipe some device-specific partitions etc..

    -MultiBootloader; it able to boot unlimited kernels. Users can select kernels on boot

    -Some modified kernels to boot rom from ex4 partitions (NativeSD method)

    -Rom Builder for Nokia X2

    For HTC HD2:
    -GEZİ Exploit; to flash unsigned SPL

    -aMagldr; modified from Cotulla's closed-source code. Added extented tty commands to modifying Nand partitions size.

    -2.08.HSPL; hacked for removing some restrictions like flashing unsigned SPL images etc...

    -aMagldr Partition Wizard; developed by me for full access Nand chip and repartition it via tty commands. It is also open-source ;)

    -Calculating Nand file system;

    Also I am an Android Developer. These are my Android Apps on Google Play Store: Otomasyon - Av. Ali BEYAZ&hl=tr

    And this is my business web page which I created:

    I have a github account but I dont prefer to use. Some of my works include "dark-magics" (for example creating Qualcomm Radio Config file for changing IMEI, patching radio rom for booting Android on recovery partition with RIL support, exploit to writing unsigned SPL bootloader etc...)

    My main goals for Yureka are:
    -Porting my MultiBootloader for Nokia X2
    -Porting my Advanced Nokia X2 Tool
    -Porting kernels to run ext4 file systems for Multi Roms

    I hope, I can win this device.
    Thanks for this oppurtunity...
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  9. GrandWardon

    GrandWardon Thinking Brilliantly With Smartness YUPHORIA Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    Hello Sir,

    I am @dark_optimistic aka Vipul Jha. I am a 18 years old teen from Delhi. I would love to participate in the YU Developer Program. Sir I ported many ROMs for MTK Devices Like XOLO A600. I also contributed in many ROMs of MTK Devices. Basically I am script developer. I developed "ABS Tweaks" aka "ArkayNine Boost Scripts". Sir I would love to increase Performance, Battery Life, Stability & Smoothness of YU Devices with Scripts & Tweaks. As I have financial issues I don't have a PC & Fast Internet connection that's why I can't compile a Kernel or ROM from sources. I have to code my every script in my Phone. But I can do these things too. I can help people to fix their bugs or troubleshootings. I am also a Tech Blog Writer.

    My Best Work:-
    1. ABS Tweaks

    Other Works Can Be Found On My XDA Profile. ;)

    My Profiles:-

    YU Forums:-


    Google+ :- VipulJhaXDA

    My Website:-

    I hope you will give me a chance to work in YU Developer Program.


    If Anyone Helps You Than Learn To Hit Thanks On His Post. ;)
  10. symbuzzer


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    any news?
  11. Shoaib05

    Shoaib05 An expert in anything was once a beginner. Recognized Developer YUREKA PLUS Yuser Yureka Black YUser

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    Well, I know that I don't have many development-works associated with me but I have started now. The following is my Velocity Kernel for Yu devices. :)




    Yureka Plus---


    For my earlier device i.e., HTC One V, I made a kernel too on XDA. Here is its Link. Although I have stopped support for this HTC kernel long ago but still it is the most active topic on the HTC One V's XDA Forum with 460 and rising no. of downloads (it is quite an old phone so there aren't many users left :p ).

    Here is my GitHub profile---

    I like building kernels from source and this is how I can contribute to Yu. :) However, if I get my hands on Yuphoria, then I'll surely give a shot to ROM development also because then I'll be able to develop without disturbing my personal life. ;)

    Further, I have been active the most. I provide regular updates for the above mentioned Yu devices and in a very short span of time, I have built my kernel on every Yu device that has been released at the time of writing this. Also, a single version of my kernel has been downloaded by more than 4,200 people on Yu Forums! ;)

    I hope you keep an eye out for me too as I make progress here in Yu forums. Winning a Yuphoria will certainly widen up my options of development for Yu devices. :)
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  12. regalstreak


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    Edit: Ab nahi banna aise program ka member. Ab Yu ki aukaat dikh gayi thi Yutopia jesa phone release kar diya unhone. Upar se op2 aur dusre phones ko taunt karte hai xD.
    Ab Yunicorn launch kardiya. Has MTK and says that it is redefining flagships lool.
    The real reason for them launching this 1lakh ₹ developer contest was Yu's head developer leaving the company and they didn't know what to do. Even, it was a flop as just the guys who participated, they won it :v
    Nice that this post was completely ignored. Imma post this cause there are different wannabes who would still post here.

    Original post below:

    Hi I'm regalstreak from xda (Neil Agarwal)
    I'd like to apply for the Yu Developer Program.

    Why am i applying here?
    I love to develop! I have seen the potential of YU. Y'll just love developers! Hold contests, other stuff and now this, the developer programme.

    First had a Samsung Galaxy Star Pro on which i had learnt development. Brought up the device tree and booted CWM recovery (First one though!) I made a kernel and one ROM for it. Listed below.
    Then, I switched to OnePlus 2. Thought it might be great for development.
    Made cm13 boot. Built cyanogen recovery. Have built Temasek's cm and resurrection remix for it today.

    I would love to switch to developing on YU devices. If I am chosen, I would try my best to do justice with the opportunity provided to me. Thanks!

    Some of my work:

    Here is my
    XDA :
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  13. gohel.vishal

    gohel.vishal gohel vishal YUREKA Yuser

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    i have created app for yureka
    it's only 280KB...
    without replacing kernel i have find a unique way to enable gestures on yureka
    you can also add action on every gestures so can i be a part of YU developer Program

    here is thread link :

    2)All-in-one ToolBox For Yureka

    easy toolbox for yureka ... noob users can easily root their yureka
    functions are install CWM/TWRP/unlcock bootloader/relock bootloader/ROOT
    i also have included drivers

    here is thread link :

    3)All-in-one ToolBox For Yuphoria

    easy toolbox for yureka ... noob users can easily root their yureka
    functions are install CWM/TWRP/unlcock bootloader/relock bootloader/ROOT
    i also have included drivers

    here is thread link :

    My XDA Link :
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  14. Panchajanya Sarkar

    Panchajanya Sarkar Android Developer, #AzurE_kernel_deV, YUREKA PLUS Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    So many developers here,still every Yusers are taking YU as dead....
    It can't even give an VoLTE update to Yureka users.....

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  15. gur gurdeep

    gur gurdeep

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