Announcing the YU Developer Program!

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by DooMLoRD, Feb 23, 2015.

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  1. Anik1199


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  2. CharsiBabu

    CharsiBabu Bleh!

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    +1 for Areeb Jamal.
    this guy has exceptional app development skills and soon gonna enter rom building arena as well.
    i hope he gets selected.
    best of luck and regards,
    Charsi. =)
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  3. vibhu0009

    vibhu0009 YUPHORIA Yuser YU Developer YUREKA Yuser Retired Moderator

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    I would like to nominate Noel for the YU developer programme.. He's brainy, good coder, great developer and obviously a good friend.. He's got a lot of knowledge in this field and he's always ready to help others.. He's helped me a lot of time when am stuck.. :) :)
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  4. percy_g2

    percy_g2 Super Coder Super Coder CodeCracker

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    What's the procedure to return the device ?
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  5. droid.riz


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  6. AudioGod

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    Hi Folks ...

    I would like to thank YU and all officials of YU specially @DooMLoRD for considering me to YU developer program continuously.....

    Am Glad to confirm that I have received YUphoria ....

    Also I would like to congratulate all developers who have selected in second round of this program ....

    Thank you all
  7. Aniket Lamba

    Aniket Lamba

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    Hello @DooMLoRD and rest of the world!
    I'm from New Delhi,India.
    I heard you guys are recruiting developers so I thought I might give it a shot.I'm 17 year old and a typical noob with some contributions in Android sector.I am also working on ROMs at present so I'll be releasing them this weekend.Also,I'm an offical Maintainer at Code ROM,Metallium ROM,Cyanide L and Tipsy OS.Long story short - I was porting ROMs before and stepped into the development just 4 months back,thought you might be interested to look at some of my works -

    ROMs for Redmi 1S

    1.Cyanide L -
    2.AOSP RRO -
    3.Own ROM -
    4.Team EOS -
    5.Tipsy OS -
    6.Xperience 9.1.1 -
    7.Oct OS L -
    8.Team UB -

    ROMs for Moto E

    1.Candy5 -
    2.Cyanide L -
    3.GZR Validus -
    4.Own ROM -
    5.Oct OS L -
    6.Team UB -

    ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100)

    1.Tipsy OS -
    2.Team EOS -
    3.Own ROM -
    4.Candy5 -
    5.GZR Validus -
    6.Oct OS L -
    7.Team UB -
    8.Cyanide L -

    ROMs for Xiaomi MI3

    1.AOSP RRO -
    2.Cyanide L -
    3.Tipsy OS -
    4.Own ROM -
    5.GZR Validus -
    6.Xperience 9.1.1 -
    7.Oct OS L -
    8.Team UB -

    1.Blackheart's Kernel -

    Ported ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

    1.JellyBread V5.2 -
    2.TouchWiz Resurrected -
    3.GingerKat V2 -
    4.Void ROM -
    5.TouchWiz Resurrection -
    6.Clean CM7.2 -
    7.New Experience V10 -
    8.Magna ROM -
    9.Unorthodox ROM -
    10.KitKat Smart R2 -
    11.Revolution Ultimate V2 -
    12.WP Remix -
    13.Zapper ROM -
    14.BlakeBlader ROM -
    15.Void ROM V2 -
    16.Jelly Hybrid Music Edition -
    17.Optimus Nexus Me Kitkat Edition -
    18.Nuka ROM -
    19.CyandMod V3 -
    20.Optimus Nexus Me V6 -
    21.JellyBread 5.1 -
    22.The Freedom Legacy -
    23.ZenceFil V9 -
    24.Radiance Final -
    25.KitKat Experience V1/V2 -
    26.Razr UI -
    27.Xperia Xperience -

    Google + - AniketLamba
    Facebook -
    XDA Profile (2K+ thanks) -

    I hope you all have a great day.
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  8. vibhu0009

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  9. yajnab

    yajnab Androidic Civil Engineer YUPHORIA Yuser YU Developer

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    Recieved Yuphoria.. Thanks YU... Warm up for Gluon..
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  10. Santhosh

    Santhosh YU Developer YU Developer YUREKA Yuser

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  11. Rao Aman

    Rao Aman YUREKA Yuser

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  12. herna

    herna YUPHORIA Yuser

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    I would like to join the YU Developer Program. I´m a 21 years old guy from Spain, and I´m really excited to help YU with those devices bringing them support on ROM development, and to offer my help on helping new devs.

    I´m a Recognized Developer and Recognized Contributor on XDA-Developers forum. Also part of the XDA Assist Team, which provides help to new users in the forum. I´ve been in the XDA forum since 2009.

    Also I´m a
    Developer in the most famous Spanish spoken forum, HTCMania.

    As a developer, I´m part of the OmniRom team since it´s creation, and a core developer too of the famous chinese ROM, MoKee Open Source Project.
    Few years ago I was co-creator and core developer of IllusionRom, and project done by a few close friends, and I have been collaborating with almost all ROMs I could when I had free time, as ParanoidAndroid, DirtyUnicorns, AICP, NamelessRom... And CyanogenMod, which I am official contributor of.

    My github profile is

    XDA- Developers profile:
    Most of my work can be seen here, included non devices one: OmniRom Gerrit

    In these years, I have been working in different devices releasing public ROMs and guides in XDA and other forums, as also some projects for new devices that will be released soon.

    My first device was a Huawei u8880pro, which I mantained with a close friend from China(currently working in Xiaomi), where I kept the device alive until the CyanogenMod 11.

    Still keep the sources public in my Github profile.

    CyanogenMod 10.2 for Huawei u8800pro / CyanogenMod 10.1.2 for Huawei u8800pro

    PAC-Rom 4.3 for Huawei u8800pro
    BeanStalk 4.3 for Huawei u8800pro / BeanStalk 4.2.2 for Huawei u8800pro

    The next device, which I loved over the rest in my development life, the original Galaxy Note, which I revived bringing to it CyanogenMod nightlies, and supporting officially my team ROM, OmniRom, as a maintainer, including too the Galaxy S2.

    CyanogenMod 11.0 Nightlies for Galaxy Note
    OmniRom 4.3.1 for Galaxy Note / OmniRom 4.4 for Galaxy Note (thread owned by Xplodwild, device maintained by me)
    NamelessRom 4.4.2 for Galaxy Note
    IllusionRoms 4.4.2 for Galaxy Note

    And the last development device, Nexus 5. Currently I´m the official maintainer of this device in OmniRom, including blobs, where I also ported Ambient Display one day after the Lollipop release.

    OmniRom 5.X nightlies for Nexus 5

    Also I released the first custom ROM and build from Lollipop for the hammerhead: IllusionRom LRX21M

    Before, released official weeklies for IllusionRom KitKat: IllusionRom 4.4.2 Weeklies

    On my upcoming work, I´ve been working in support Omni for the Moto X 2014 and the Sony Xperia Z3.

    OmniRom for Moto X 2014: YouTube Video
    OmniRom with 3.10 kernel for Xperia Z3: Spanish forum, still W.I.P

    Also, I supported a few ROMs for different devices that my family and friends own, and which I could get my hands on temporaly, as the HTC One S, the Moto G or the beloved Nexus 4.

    Nexus 4 contributions:

    IllusionRom 4.4.2 Weeklies
    NamelessRom 4.4.2 Nightlies

    Moto G contributions:

    MoKee 4.4.2 Nightlies
    IllusionRom 4.4.2 Weeklies

    HTC One S contributions:

    Paranoid Android 4.4.2
    Mokee 4.4.2
    NamelessRom 4.4.2 Nightlies

    Galaxy S2 contributions:

    NamelessRom 4.4.2 Nightlies

    Sony Xperia Z contributions:

    NamelessRom 4.4.2 Nightlies

    Apart from this, I helped other ROMs with little contributions:


    This so far all my work I could easily found, thought there is more, but I would need more time to search it. Also, in my OmniRom gerrit link you´ll can see other kind of development, not device related. With all this, I wish to join the team, and help new devs and users into learning of ROM development, and also, support some ROMs for those devices.

    Good luck YU, and congratulations to all the awarded devs, is great to see people supporting this way.
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  13. Megatron_007

    Megatron_007 ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ YUPHORIA Yuser YU Developer Retired Moderator

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    Woohooo , See who is Here :D :D ....I would like to nominate my friend @herna for Yu Developer Program :D

    Sent from my Yuphoria using Tapatalk
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  14. DC07

    DC07 CodeCracker CodeCracker Keepers YUPHORIA Yuser YU Developer YUREKA Yuser

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    +1 for this lad
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  15. TheStrix

    TheStrix Parth Bhatia YUPHORIA Yuser YU Developer

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    Get him in! He's great :)
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  16. neobuddy89

    neobuddy89 What is this sorcery? *_* YU Developer

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    Thanks Yu team, Rahul and Ayush for the Yuphoria. :)
    ARM64 & new CAF architecture are bit different, will come up with blazing kernel (and maybe ROM) in a week.
    (Will skip compiling alpha builds.)

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  17. YoshiShaPow


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    This man is good at his craft. Definitely one to be considered.
  18. Sushil Kumar

    Sushil Kumar YUREKA PLUS Yuser YUPHORIA Yuser YUREKA Yuser

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    Great work:):)
  19. tarun93

    tarun93 YU Team Member YU-Team YuBarons YUKnight Recognized Developer CodeCracker Curator Keepers YUTOPIA Yuser Yureka Black YUser

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    Hello guys,
    I am Tarun Kapadia.
    : Tarun93 (Thanks Meter currently at 945 )
    I would like to be a part of YU Developer Program.
    I have compiled ROMs for Redmi 1S and Grand 2 till now.

    My XDA Profile:

    XDA Project links:

    Xiaomi Redmi 1S:

    1. Carbon ROM 5.1.1 :
    4.4.4 :

    2. Nameless ROM (OFFICIAL Maintainer) 5.1.1 :
    4.4.4 :
    3. Slimsaber 5.1.1 :

    4. crDroid ROM 5.1.1 :

    5. Euphoria OS 5.1.1 :
    Custom Kernel

    1. Carbon Kernel :

    Samsung Grand 2 :

    1. Carbon ROM 4.4.4 :

    Thanx in advance for Giving Chance n a Place in the Yu Community
    Tarun93(Tarun Kapadia)
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  20. CharsiBabu

    CharsiBabu Bleh!

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    I would like to downvote tarun93. how do i do that ?
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