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  1. DooMLoRD

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    UPDATE: New developers selected for YU Developer program!

    Hello everyone!

    It gives us great pleasure to announce the YU Developer Program!

    This program aims to identify top developers from all over the world, especially India, who work on android development for Custom Kernels, Custom ROMs, Themes, Apps, Mods, Development Articles, Porting other Operating Systems etc, and support them with a complete set of technical resources and access to pre-release software — providing developers with everything they need to create and innovative for YU devices.

    We are building up our efforts gradually and have reached out to some of the top developers and contributors across the categories including faux123, Bin4ry, Adfad666, cdesai, varun.chitre15 and sent them a YUREKA, the first device from YU. I am pleased to share that these developers have already started contributing to the community by releasing their work (checkout the unofficial CM12 lollipop & custom kernels in the development section).

    We will continue to expand this program by getting more developers access to YU devices!

    We would also like to extend this program to all users of our community as well. To start with, developers who have applied via community will get YUREKA (on returnable basis) and will have to show sufficient progress / contributions.

    To apply for the program:
    Post a reply in this thread with details (including links to profile page/Github/Twitter/etc) of your work/contributions to the development community (be it here or XDA or any other developer community) and how you can contribute to the YU community!

    Here’s listing down the criteria for selection of these developers:
    • Preference to existing Recognized Developers on XDA who have 5000+ thanks (in their Thanks Meter)
    • Developers with more than 2500 followers on Twitter / G+ / FB
    • Preference will be given to developers who have worked on variety of device models / chipsets
    • Developers should be able to build/customize kernel, ROM from sources and have open source kernel / ROM repos on GIT (GitHub / BitBucket / etc.)
    • Or, have expertise on porting ROMs & other Operating Systems
    • Or, have expertise in theme creation, OS mods
    • Or, have expertise in creating amazing apps for YU

    You may also guide us about your favorite developer/s and we would love to include them in our program.

    To nominate your favorite developer: Post a reply in this thread with details of the developer you want to see work on the YU device, with links to their profile page/Github/Twitter/etc, and details of how that developer can contribute to the YU community!

    Join us at and start contributing TODAY!

    Looking forward to seeing awesome development for our YU devices!

    Developers in YU Developer Program:

    1. @faux123
    2. @Bin4ry
    3. @AdFad666
    4. @cdesai
    5. @Varun Chitre
    6. @kairi_zeroblade
    7. @vishal_android freak
    8. @DespairFactor
    9. @Sooorajjj
    10. @AudioGod
    11. @Abhinav Jhanwar
    12. @savoca
    13. @raymanfx
    14. @mikeioannina
    15. @niaboc79
    16. @dhiru1602
    17. @percy_g2
    18. @thomassafca
    19. @Jiangyi
    20. @DC07
    21. @codeworkx
    22. @Siddhesh.K15
    23. @Arnav Gosain
    24. @dumtara
    25. @pranu@cool
    26. @Santhosh
    27. @Sanyam Jain
    28. @TheStrix
    29. @Vibhor Chaudhary
    30. @Aniruddh Chandratre
    31. @Megatron_007
    32. @neobuddy89
    33. @Tasssadar
    34. @Yajnavalkya Bandopadhyay
    35. @Shawn5162

    Please note:

    This is not a program which can be installed!! :D


    YU Team
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  2. kairi_zeroblade

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    Lead Dev/Researcher for Xceed and Xcelerate Custom "Flatliners" kernel..

    Specialty platforms: APQ8064/MSM8974/MSM8960/MSM8226 and now MSM8939..

    I build my own LTO/Custom Toolchains based on stable GCC 4.9/4.8 and AARCH64 for ARM64
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  3. prrash

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    I nominate @kairi_zeroblade. Been a tester for his kernel. Without device in hand he's been able to contribute much with the kernel performance & enhancements.

    Also testing @DespairFactor's kernels on second device, even he doesn't own the device, but contributions are much appreciated.
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  4. 007

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    Instead of Asking for Tester build, saying hello please use this thread for designated purpose, i am not seeing good response from Yu Yuser's
    Those who love ,admire , want certain ROM implemented here please add your VOICE as OP .


    # @vishal_android freak that intro was superb man, the world should finally know the ****FREAK****

    # @DooMLoRD thank you for this open opportunity .
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  5. luvyu

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  6. Prafful UM

    Prafful UM

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    Is there anything like this for novice developers ? Something related to making utility apps or small games ?
  7. Amardeep Arora

    Amardeep Arora YUREKA Yuser

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    I'd like to recommend @Pinto thakur - i have been following him on xda since i had bought my last device i.e. canvas 2+ and must say his works and way too good .
    @RohanAJoshi - seen his work on xda for yureka :)


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  9. Sooorajjj

    Sooorajjj CodeCracker CodeCracker YU Developer

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    Hi @DooMLoRD and everyone
    i would really love to participate in YU Developer Program!
    iam a young dev its just 8-9 Months since iam into android development #Gaining experience
    i did a few cm9 nightly builds for l3
    also cm10.1 builds
    pls login to see my works at (sorry for this ... iam not advertising pure4team forum’s btw u really need to login there to view the links)

    my xda page
    My first project on xda was TWRP for lg optimus l3
    My second project on xda is slimkat builds for Yu Yureka
    My current project on xda is CM12 builds for Yu Yureka
    maybe i dont have enough thanks specified in the OP for Preferences btw sure i can do all the stuffs mentioned in op

    I initially started my works on a legacy devices Lg optimums L3 (MSM 7225A) then Samsung galaxy fit (MSM 7227-1 ) now on Yureka (MSM 8939)
    Here is my Github (all of my works are kept clean inside organisations so you might not find anything in my Contributions Tab )

    I do this because i have nothing better to do in my spare time (ie time after my college hours)
    Also because of motivational comments and replies from forum members and friend

    thanks :)
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  10. faaiz1996


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  11. Sufi

    Sufi Seek respect, not attention. YuBarons

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    My nomination! ;)

    People tend to forget, They need to be reminded
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  12. Mridul Mahajan

    Mridul Mahajan YUREKA Yuser

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    Never owned an Android device but I do know how to code on that OS. I don't have any experience of the sort you expect from us but still then, I will put my best if I get a chance to own a Yureka. I know my chances are less but, let's talk of User Interface of an OS. I'm hell lot good in AE (Adobe After Effects) and am quite used to Illustrator and Photoshop. And not to mention my Web Development. See, I don't have anything to prove this to you but still, you can view this little account which isn't popular at all My chances are almost negligible if we go by the criteria but if we go by chance, I may turn out to be pretty good. I've read almost 10 books on Eclipse SDK and am quite good in developing web apps and programming in C++. I was one of the finalists in the IGNITE and was appreciated by the judges on my attempt to design user friendly applications. A chance is what I desire and I would sure like to experience this exuberant feeling.

    Here's a question- Can I get a chance, a Yureka, an oppurtunity?

    No one can do a thing without getting an oppurtunity to reveal his/her potential. I might sound screwed up but please, take it as a request, a beg, or anything else, but I seriously ask you to gift me or maybe send me a Yureka and I assure you, if I don't come up with something worthy in the next two months, take that Yureka back from me and use this post as a proof.

    You might wonder that I said I want to be a beta tester for the bug fix update. As a matter of fact, I'd like to tell you tha tmy Sister owns that device and it's in no way, mine.
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  13. dumtara


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  14. vishal_android freak

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    I would like to put forth my nomination for the Developer program.

    Name : Vishal Dubey ( aka vishal_android freak @XDA Developers and YU forums)
    Profile Link @ XDA-Developers:
    Google+ : VishalDubeyvishal-android-freak

    Being a Recognized Developer and Recognized Contributor (thanks meter at present, 5,364) at xda-developers, I have had opportunities to work on various devices and roms, the prime and the first being the whole 2011 Xperia line up. Got the whole 2011 Xperia devices on the official list on Carbon Rom, the first to have official support from any rom after fxp did. (Correct me if I am wrong). Some of the threads links are:

    Mini/Mini pro/Active/LWW :
    Arc/ Arc S :
    Neo/ Neo V:

    Built OmniRom which brought with that TWRP v2.7 to 2011 Xperia line up. TWRP support was dropped after v2.4 which was developed by our beloved @Arnav.G and the AOKP team. Link to OmniRom :

    Built many other roms for 2011 Xperia devices which included AOKP, HellKat, experimental builds of AOSP, etc which greatly helped to bring back life to the legacy devices. Links to the same can be found here :

    I have also given some hand on a kernel for 2011 Xperia devices that received a very good response from the whole community, started off for a particular ROM called Super Jelly Bean but later was reported to work well on other roms as well. Link here: . Still at an early stage in kernel development but already learning new stuff..

    I have been working as a device maintainer for CarbonRom for Xperia L and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 apart from the 2011 xperia devices. Xperia L : Links: & Note 2: I have done builds of Dirty Unicorns and had official support of AOSPAL for Xperia L. Links: and Was the first to build TWRP for Xperia L. Link:

    I have worked on cm11 bringup for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Exynos. Link : and lastly I have done Carbonrom builds for Moto E, link: and been working on cm12 builds for Moto E.

    For our beloved Yureka, I was the first to kickstart the development by building CWM recovery image and rooting the device in about 27 min after the device was launched :p Link: . Did some kitkat rom builds as well but didn't feel it worth sharing here as lollipop would be coming up soon and I had other plans for the device.

    This has been my short amount of work that I have done in the past 1 and half years. I know it's not great like my many other fellow developers but I have started digging deeper and come above to do some more and 'Real developments', apart from ROMs and kernels, i.e. learn android in a better way. This has been the reason of less activity of me on XDA in recent days.

    If I am chosen, I would try my best to do justice with the opportunity provided to me. Thank You.

    vishal_android freak
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  15. DooMLoRD

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  16. vishal_android freak

    vishal_android freak Big always needs patience CodeCracker YUPHORIA Yuser YU Developer YUREKA Yuser

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    The GODs don't say anything because the world already know why you are the GOD, right? :p
  17. Vivek Burse

    Vivek Burse

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    I would like to nominate Michael Zimmermann His work GitHub, XDA,
    Also I like to Nominate Wajk famous for his WIUI ROM his profile XDA
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  18. DooMLoRD

    DooMLoRD Super Coder Super Coder CodeCracker

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    please do not post: requests for testings, bugs/issues, rants...

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  19. b3Nz@

    b3Nz@ YUREKA Yuser

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    I would like to nominate @vishal_android freak ... His work and contributions to the Android community has been standout ..
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  20. Umair Khan

    Umair Khan

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    I'd like to be a part of the YU Developer Program.

    My work on HTC Explorer (Pico):
    LiquidSmooth v2.7
    JellyBeer v4.31

    Unofficial MiniCM9 3.0.5

    Just after a short time, I got Nexus 5. There are already so many developers for Nexus 5, so couldn't do much for it. But still the list goes :
    Cody Kernel (A gesture based kernel) (Implemented the whole code and logic by myself)
    Unofficial OmniRom 5.0.2 (Will keep maintaining it)
    Releasing AOKP 5.0.2 for hammerhead soon.

    And the list ends. Lol :p

    Why should you consider me for the program with only a handful of contributions over xda ?

    I'm a pretty nice developer. Excellent in JAVA. Good in C++, C, PHP and JavaScript.
    And I have a pretty nice knowledge of the Android codebase.
    An accepted patch in ASOP.
    Random contributions in AOKP and Omni.
    RemoteDroid - My open source project to mirror one device's display to another device. As of now works on local network only. But I'll extend it to make it work over Internet too. And don't forget to notice 15 stars and 3 forks. :)
    Contributions to phpMyAdmin - It's a well known web interface to handle MySQL databases.
    Contributions to Processing and Processing Android.

    And @Arnav.G is my college mate. :) If I stuck at something he's always there to help me out.

    I write my blog too -
    My linkedin profile (just in case) -

    Umair Khan
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